Monday, September 28, 2009

today would have been a great day...

if someone had turned my iPod into the lost & found at the gym.

it ended up being a good day otherwise. nice weather, lunch with my buddy, mtb plans, met w/ teacher to talk abt assignments, chatted with KD.

I suppose all days can't be sunshine and roses. I miss my shuffle.

anyway...finished this piece for my art class. independent study. the colored bits are leftovers from class last quarter, the wire heart was hand formed and stitched on. I like it!

: .)

Friday, September 25, 2009


new pearl jam. oh wow.

sigh...I love Eddie!

p.s. you can also get backspacer on vinyl!!! omg! bust out that record player!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


its past midnight.

dante's peak just ended.

I'm wide awake 'cause I drank that cherry dr. pepper for dinner (breaking the no soda pop rule! do you call it "soda" or "pop" or "coke???")

finally made something today...'find your happy pace' : .) disney and running, how much better could it get?

that's my bib/legs/feet in the pix. art shot I took during the race.

I sewed the little mickey mouse icon heads and beads/sequins on the page (I doubt clicking on the pix would give you a better view). do you see the "magic?!" (this definitely looks better in person!) it only took me 2 hours to decide on and get those sparklies attached to the page!

life is in the details, right? and we all know I wouldn't do it any other way...heh, heh, heh!!!

a new work week, allergy shots, exercise in the forecasted triple digit heat, doctors appts, and a new ghost hunters episode to look forward to!!! yay!

happy monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

go sharks???

vs the Canucks.


it was 0-5 when Estor and I left at the end of the second period.

lots of rookies.

new guys.

I hope they can iron out all the wrinkles.

looking forward to a fresh, new season.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

finding my happy place

I don't know about you, but there's something about sunshine, sea spray, the smell of bay, pine & earth that brings me joy.

I was invited out this weekend, twice...cocktails & company, dinner & dancing, but truly, nothing beats the outdoors.

who knew this was in my very own backyard!

and right now...I can hear the rain dripping from the eaves. the air is so fresh.


calm & peaceful I am.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

its 11 pm

I'm eating everything in my house (nothing is satisfying that craving!), drinking diet coke (super ick! what am I thinking!), watching Practical Magic, and listening to the sprinklers going off outside.

I could be with the Dubins in SF, dancing to Bootie Mash-ups, but I didn't feel like hanging with the 20-somethings tonight, however maybe that would have stopped me from consuming all the cho/cocoa almonds! (Boy were they GOOD!)

With all my free time today, I hit the trail for a 6+ mile run, cleaned the bathroom, swiffered the floor, did some laundry. I know, sheer excitement! Wishing I was still @ Disneyland. Not running, but definitely getting an endorphin fix from the Tower of Terror and the rollercoaster, Muholland Drive. Whoo whee!!! I think I need another fitness goal. There are two Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathons in Texas, November 11th and February 2010. Both are within 2 hours of the father's homestead, however, he didn't take the bait when I mentioned his paying for a plane ticket. Who wants to run in the heat anyway?! LOL!

Played around with my craft supplies today too. Dubin sent me this pix of KD last nite while they were at the V-Bar in Santana Row. KD is so beautiful!!!

KD's one of the best people I know. So fun to do a piece dedicated to her. That's a stencil that I stippled over, felt butterfly, doo dads, ribbon. I printed the edited photo in B&W on laid linen cardstock, so its all textury.

Another nod to Starbucks! I've been trying to cut back on the beverage purchases, what with the mortgage and all, not to mention getting a grip on the "habit", but I'm glad that I went last week b/c they are having a cool promotion featuring the SBuxs mermaid (I guess this is an annual thing), and I had to do something with the image. This is mounted on handmade paper, and I used some doo dads, raffia, paint chip strip, raffia, & tea dyed cheese cloth. I think it needs some spray ink, will experiment with that later.

Tomorrow, Jack and I are going in search of waterfalls on a local MTB (mtn. bike) trail. I hope he can do better reading the map and we don't get lost and spend an xtra hour riding up hills trying to find the car. Maybe I should be the navigator this time? yeah.

ok, drifting off now, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...another rockin' Saturday nite!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happiest Race on Earth ver. 2 - Disneyland Weekend Recap

Hola Kidlets!!!

What a weekend!!!

Zippity do dahed down to Anaheim, hit the race expo to get shirts and bib numbers, visited the parks, chatted up other Disneyland guests, trained Donna in the art of photgraphic composition...whew!!! We did a lot of walking and eating (carbo loading ya know!!!). Fun!!!

The usual iconic Mickey Mouse shot! I'm so happy!!!

Doncha just love the hats?! And who is that goofy kid on the left? He's Canadian, I think that explains it, hee!

Donna ready to take off and battle the Abdominal Snowman!

Disney Princess moment!!! I'm so mysterious!!! hahahaha! (thanks Vicki!)

Weekend highlight was meeting bloggy/scrappy pal Amy Disney and the fiance in the flesh! Always so cool to hook up with internet pen pals!

Flying high over Tomorrowland, wheeeeeeeeee! Donna, next time I get to be in control!

Aren't we chipper for being up at 4 am?! Oh make that 3 am when our hotel neighbors let their kids run up and down the hotel halls SCREAMING their heads off!!!

Peter Pan and Tink, happiest couple! And so cute too!

Just look how fast I run!!! Its all a blur!

What a way to visit Disneyland!

Yay! The finish line!!! 13.1!!!

Happiest finishers!!! Cool medal, huh?!