Monday, November 30, 2009

thorry, thorry, thorry

so tonight, I'm sitting with Clan Burge around the dinner table and (another of) the world's cutest three year olds (picture strawberry blonde curls and sky bleu eyes) says "thorry, thorry, thorry!" all the adults stop eating and ask what she's sorry for and she says:

"I tooted!!!"

snort! still laughing!!!

5 good things for today...

baby farts (hee, hee, hee!)
bunny suits (unrelated to the image above)
mrs. woodard's xmas cookies
sharing said cookies
a "muse"ing conversations : .)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot on Turkey Day

My workout buddy Jim challenged me to run the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K this morning!

Perfect weather, good company, and a fun run!

Some of my fav snapshots from the race!

Jim (my wingman) and his lovely wife, Cathy!

A couple of turkeys!!! LOL!

Looks like Jim's enjoying the race, yeah?!

Elite runners competing in a 5K (3.1 miles) for a $12K purse with a course record bonus of $10K, whoa!!! 13.37 is the men's course record, I think this runner may have crossed the finish at 13.36!!!

Edited: Make that 13.39 minutes, that's a 4:23 per mile pace! Yowza! The female top finisher ran the 5K in 15.41 (5:02). I guess I'm gonna have to work harder to improve my 10:30 per mile pace if I want to compete next year, ahahahahahahaha!

Enjoying an EGTL and then I'm off to eat lots of TURKEY!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question to Self...

Self: Linda, what are you thankful for?

Linda: "I'm thankful that I'm slightly less fucked up than the rest of my family."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

plenty of fish in the sea

for reals...

a "free" dating website, mentioned to me by my hair stylist.

whaddya think? should I try it? : .)

he's a groper! LOL!

image from trend*hunter

Thursday, November 19, 2009

new do

my new do is my old do. you didn't know that I had a new do b/4 my new do. I didn't have ducats to continue upkeep on the old do, so I let the do go. and I bot Clairol and did my own hair. eeee! it was supposed to be auburn, but it really lightened my hair. and I hated it. and my hair was straggly. so I sucked it up and paid to get my old do back.

confused yet?

yeah, me too.


not much else happened today. I ran with Speedy. I planned lunch for tomorrow with the biking boys. I chatted with the biking girls. oh, and I worked after only getting 2 hours of sleep last night.

life is good.

5 things for today...

sonya, my hair dresser. she rocks!
truffle salt
Vampire Diaries
clean kitchen
mac & cheez

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

home again, home agan...

haven't been home in the evenings, so I haven't been posting.

monday, I invited myself to dinner at aldien's (spaghetti, meat sauce, veggies!). ok, I had to take some donation goods to her.

it was oddly quiet kidlets, but video of one of the little guys singing the star spangled banner was just too cute! he told g'ma that his throat gets scratchy on the high parts! hee!

last nite, I invited myself to dinner at mary's (bbq'd steak, corn, baked potatos, wine!!!). ok, I had to deliver some gifts.

after dinner, we sang happy birthday to the cat, tim. (that's scott holding him!) that cat posed for pixs wearing not only that b-day hat, but also a tiara. I personally thot it was kinda humiliating, but tim never really complained!!! LOL!!!

today, I worked late. and am now contemplating dinner...what else?! aside from stalking cute boys, I like to eat. yeah. heheheh!

try not to be envious of or overwhelmed by the excitement in my life!

5 good things (should it be 15, since I missed three days worth?)

truffle salt
optimism vs pessimism
bike riding & convo with haydee
soft cats
cambozola cheese & crackers
apple pie
completing projects @ work
deciding to sign up and train for BSIM (that's a doozy, excited and scared all at once!)
rock tape
dr. steve
asthma inhalers
letting go
apple pie (oh wait, I already listed that : .)
cute, smart kids
granted wishes
the smiths
the human condition

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sparkly eyes & apple pie

One does not have to do with the other...

Last week at work, I kept talking about pie, how I wanted pie. Estor suggested I bake a pie and bring her a piece on Monday : .) Not one to shirk from a "challenge" ('cause let's be honest, it doesn't take much to convince me to make and eat tasty snaks), I baked a pie. I did not tackle pie crust from scratch (Pillsbury rocks!), but I did peel and slice all the apples, hee, hee!!! Isn't it gorgeous? I hope it tastes as good as it looks...More important, I hope Estor likes it!!!

Today, I also met up with my friend Tony to see Men Who Stare at Goats. Secret military psychic research? Jedi Warriors? To end war as we know it? Remote viewing? “More of this is truer than you would believe” Goats dropping dead by staring at them??? Hummm...Ironic considering my post yesterday and trying to convince Dubin Little that peace, not war was the way, hahaha! OMG! It was hilarious!!! I laughed almost the entire time! Go see it.

Winding down the weekend with a viewing of Twilight. I might need to read the first two books AGAIN (round 6) b/4 New Moon comes out next week! LOL!!! Ahhhh, Edward! (btw - Vanity Fair did an article and photo layout of Robert Pattinson this month...Swoonerific!!!)

5 Good Things for Sunday...

1) Sleeping in.
2) Good company and good movie.
3) Paint-by-numbers Mickey Mouse
4) Island Spa Yankee Candles
5) Apple Pie, of course!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pixs from the Trail & Alien Invasion

It was a lovely morning on the trail. (I finally remembered to bring my camera to take pixs during my run.)

I planned on running 6 miles, but I felt ok when I hit the turn-around, so I added on an xtra mile : .)

Its surprising how far inland the Comorants will fly and hang out.

Nature is so creative.

Mi casa was invaded by aliens (including Dubin Little and Baby Mermaid) this afternoon and built a city called "You York" in my dining room. There were guns and death involved. Why is it that little boys love guns and war? Then grow into men who love guns and war? I couldn't convince Dubin Little that we should all just get along and practice peace, sigh. Baby Mermaid on the other hand just wanted to sit in my lap, play ring-around-the-rosie, and pretend to be a cat...meow! hee, hee, hee!

5 things...

the ability to run
visit from Dubin Little and the Baby Mermaid
paranormal tv

Friday, November 13, 2009

MTB Alum Rock Park

Another Friday MTB event with the boys @ Alum Rock Park on the east side of San Jose. All these wonderful nature trails in my very own back yard.

I can't believe I've lived in the Bay Area for 20 years and have never been to this park! Its nestled in the foothills, beautifully maintained, (flush toilets, ahhhhh!) and well staffed by Park Rangers. I think I'll bring the ladies here to run!

There are sulfur baths that occur naturally, complete with hot, stinky water, altho' they haven't been used in ages. I guess the baths, which are stone lined depressions lining the creek, only fill up if there's heavy rain.

I think we'll be back next week. I'm game for exploring more trails and conquering hills!

Gearing up! Jim, John, Nazir, and Jerome.

Almost to the top! Paul catching the action!

Just missed the sunset!

5 good things for today...

smooth to work traffic
screaming downhill runs! wheee!
good company
sweat! not perspiration, sweat!
the weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

who is michaelgoogalo?

asked Z!  he was playing some q&a game on webkinz : .)  I was watching him play while I was spending time with Clan Burge this evening.  visiting with kidlets always give me a better perspective on life.  they're (almost) always straightforward and unconditional.  I get attention and hugs.  LOVE IT!  almost makes up for the week I've been experiencing!

the curly haired girl (who's two or three???) and I played chutes & ladders.  she kept telling me that she wanted to win.  she was pretty certain that she would win.  she's such a crack-up!

then Em and I practiced spelling French dance terms.  she's got to do a speech in class tomorrow.   potobourey (pas de bourrĂ©e) and tondue (tendu).  

yummm, I'd like some fondue.  LOL!!!

5 things...

1 - clan burge
2 - friday tomorrow
3 - vampire diaries (new episode)
4 - witch dr. remedies
5 - creative visualization

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For All You "Twi-Hards"!

SNL recently did a spoof on the movie, Twilight.  

My co-worker hooked me up...I'm obviously  not a TwiHard 'cause I didn't know about it, haha!  Imagine that!!!    : .)

Taylor Swift, is dating Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in the "Twilight" series and is in New Moon. (Ironically, the trailer was just on tv!) She plays Bella Swan in this spoof.


Humor aside, I had a great evening!  Dinner with Jack and his friend Maddy.  Yummy fuds and good conversation!  

That's #1 on my good things list, meeting & hanging with Maddy!
#2 Premiere of Ghost Hunters Academy...I want to be a paranormal investigator!
#3 Greeeeaaat bike ride with the boys!  Fantastic weather!
#4 DVR of last week's episode of Vampire Diaries 
#5 Honoring vets on Veteran's Day...Thanks Dad, U. John, George, Mr. Miller, Mike G., Jack, Mr. Guilliams, and other friends & family who served in the military!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh Christmas tree...

I was reading an ARTICLE on the Daily Green this afternoon on which is greener, a real or fake Christmas tree.  

I'm always experiencing the dilemma of being green...wash the dishes with water (pollution and use of natural resources), or use paper plates (and create more landfill); how to dispose of batteries and light bulbs; drive my car or use public transportation, nail polish, hair dye, natural vs commercial cleaners, paper/plastic/reusable grocery sacks, blah, blah, blah.

this article almost ruined Christmas for me. oh the guilt, because...

I was debating whether or not to buy a large artificial Christmas tree for my new home this year. I have the perfect spot for it.  I really need to put up an artificial tree.  the year my dad visited and I slept under the live Christmas tree, I got so sick  (the first time in many, many years) and was very ill for 2 weeks from breathing the mold.  I wonder what kind of ailments I would get from sleeping under and breathing toxic off-gassing from an artificial tree??? 

I was saved by the last two sentences of the article.  I'm creative aren't I?  I could create a Christmas tree with stuff from my craft collection, or upcycled/recycled materials.   I feel however that I'd need some Chinese manufactured products to decorate said tree, painted with lead paint.  I don't think I could win the argument here,  for either side.  even with myself.

I think I'll use the tree my boss gave us (co-workers) for Christmas so long ago, same as I did last year, and ignore the fact that it was probably manufactured in China, with toxic chemicals, and cost a lot to be shipped to be sold here in the United States. 

ignorance is bliss.  especially around Christmas, right???  can you say Santa Claus?!  LOL!!!

oh, 5 good things...

1 - finished my trade cards for D : .)
2 - finished a project at work
3 - survived a loooonnnggg day
4- tylenol 
5- honey butter

Monday, November 09, 2009


Today I opened my lunch to find that my cucumber was frozen.  Ever try a cukesicle?  Not tasty.   Just icy and mushy!  

There was also a boiled egg (unfrozen), raw almonds (also unfrozen), 2 tangerines, and a mango (both unfrozen).   I try to eat healthy during the week, but it was another rough day, and I needed cake!  I'll probably work that off tomorrow during cycle class, but I'm still worried about that 1/2 a gallon of ice cream I ate since last Wednesday.  I think its gone straight to my biceps.  Biceps?  You ask...Yes, I have a tendency to (initially) gain weight on my upper arms.  And of course, my entire life I've wanted twizzle stick arms!  

The Sistor is celebrating her 40th birthday.  No, I did not call her and wish her happiness.  I do hope she's had a great day!

Alrighty then!  

5 good things list...

4ish mile run in gorgeous weather! (running @ lunch is da bomb!)
healthy fuds
j.w. morris gewurztraminer (that's healthy too, right?!)
internet access
making friends happy : .)

Image from uncyclopedia.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Stanford University

MemChu (Memorial Church) No, its not crooked.  Photographer was off-kilter.

Hoover Tower & Stanford locals.

Looking down from the Hoover Tower Observation deck.

View south Downtown San Jose, way way back right...that little line of white buildings, seemingly at the base of the foothills.

Kawika and I went to Stanford University campus today to try out my new Canon G11.  I gave Dad my digi SLR, 'cause it was too big and bulky and heavy and etc...  He must'uve felt guilty 'cause he bot me the Canon. (I am not complaining, but he did get the better end of the deal! : .)

It was soooo clear, we could see all the way north to San Francisco, all the way south to Downtown San Jose, the Diablo Mountain Range to the east, and Stanford Dish to the west.  

AWESOME!  Can't believe I've lived in the Bay Area for almost 20 years and have never been up in the tower!!!  What a view!  Campus is gorgeous!  Historical.  (Don't ask me for any details, I can't remember now...heheheheh!  All I remember is Lou Henry Hoover [wife of the 31st president, Herbert Hoover] was the first female geologist that graduated from Stanford.)

5 Good Things...
#1 - G11
#2 - Incredible views!
#3 - Plain tart yogurt and mochi bits
#4 - 2 hours at the gym = SWEAT!  (cycle and step class!)
#5 - EGTL!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I think Penguins taste like Chicken

San Jose's beloved Los Tiburones played the 2008-2009 Stanley Cup champions last nite at the Shark Tank!  

Nabby made the Penguins lay a goose egg.  (Final score 5 - 0!  Whoo!)  

Awesome game!  Even Estor stood up and cheered!  LOL!!!  

Faith regained!  

5 good things:

1)  Seeing Sidney Crosby in the flesh!
2)  Running 7 miles of hills @ Rancho. (I even ran FASTER than Sonia!)
3)  Quality time with Aldien.
4)  EmmaZachRileyNoahCalebMarkColleenJoeyYvonneJoeandAlmaJune
5)  Internet access!!!  OMG!  Its hard to want it and not have it for 3 days!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Simple Creation

My boss's (how do you pluralize an "S"?  I forgot!) nephews (Zach and Travis) have a band and they played locally on Friday night!  They mostly do covers of ska/punk/reggae music.  They've even recorded two CD's!  

I dragged Kawika to go listen with me.  Its always nice to have a reason to go out on the weekend, otherwise I'd just stay home and watch paranormal tv : .) (sorta boring, yeah?!  hee, hee!!!)

Seeing the boys was #1 on my good things for the day list
dos - mental health day (off from work!!!)
three - lots of painted backgrounds
shi - moved all the boxes from the dining room to the garage.
cinq - cuties tangerines

Thursday, November 05, 2009


sometimes, I don't understand the rudeness...

there's this new guy @ work.  

he keeps sitting in the corner of the break room alone.

I started waving at him.

one day he said hi to me.

I said hi back.

today, I went to ask his name and introduce myself, formally

asked him what department he was working in.

that's it.

he then looked at his wrist watch and said to me "my lunch is over."

(end of conversation.)

I stood there stupidly for 30 seconds and started to walk away.  I said, "it was 'nice' meeting you."

the interaction seems innocuous, but honestly, I got my feelings hurt, I felt snubbed.  and I'm still processing the encounter (whaat???).  

I think I'll avoid the break room from now on.

Bleu Screen of Death

sigh.  my poor baby.

hard drive failure. 

good thing I back up to an external drive.  

it'll be a few days until my little computer is fixed.  

until then, I have a loaner.  (thanks, Kawika!)  

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Charter Member of Starbucks Gold?

(Red cups are baaacccckkkk!!!)

So yesterday, Starbucks informed their charter members (me) of changes to their rewards program. Currently, I receive 10% off anything I buy in the store, a free beverage on my b-day, and coupons, which I don't use. Occassionally, I purchase a snak or a beverage for a friend, or merchandise, 'cause I love Starbucks merchandise! (I'm such a conspicuous consumptor!) I paid $25 for a year's charter member discount.

I either purchase an EGTL (Earl Grey Tea Latte) or a Chai Latte, as I don't drink coffee, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!

I am the definition a "frequent" visitor!

Starting January 5, 2010, charter members will receive one free beverage after purchasing 15 items with their rewards card. For me, this means that instead of spending $35.50 (10 EGTLs) and essentially getting the equivalent of a free beverage, I will have to spend $53.25 (15 EGTLs) to get a free beverage. And to add insult to injury, they recently raised the price of my favorite beverage, while reducing the price of coffee and some of the espresso drinks. I'm not seeing a benefit to me here!

I suppose this is timely because the budget hardly accommodates this daily indulgence.

I cry FOUL!!!

I get so much joy from my daily latte! I have a "relationship" with my barristas! They know my name!!! My lattes make me HAPPY!


To counteract the negativity I am experiencing because of the "changes" and having to face the boycott of one of my favorite monopolies, here's a list of 5 good things that happened today. (Ben, I fell off the wagon, time to get back on board!)

1) Cute tattoo'd boy sighting.
2) Vuelve a la vida! (reconnoitering Salvadorean/Mexican fuds for Friday)
3) Chiropractic adjustment, CAH-RACK!
4) Figuring out what was bugging me about a decorative piece in my bathroom and fixing it!
5) Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies, yum!

Its late...Off to bed!!!

TTFN! : .)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Last nite this little girl was trying to argue her case to watch a baby mermaid dvd instead of the Indiana Jones dvd brother was watching. She said watching Indiana Jones was "ihbehbonsible"...get it? irresponsible! Hysterical!