Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ATC trading with the supah talented!

Finally getting around to posting pixs of the ATCs I got in a trade with Danica.

Luckily for me, D came up with some great prompts! She's sooooo creative!

I blew out the exposure on this first ATC, which ended up being a good thing b/c you can see the detail. The prompt was to do an all black card with different textures (Use your imagination here to visualize the black part : .) The background is a glossy black card with black textured cardstock strips stitched on, glitter, melted crayon, and a mini doily, very cool!

Card two's prompt was A Christmas Story, the Movie. Recognize the lamp? heheheheh! So many details...from the ribbon, bow, bingo card background, and the fir peace wreath! Love it!

On this ATC, we were to use a "found" object. The object could be anything, but something not typically used in mixed media. This "card" is made from a record, with a spray painted scroll and some stickers. Clever!!!

This prompt was to create a card that was "inspired by" something else...other art, a book, music, etc...D's card "Shine" was inspired by the Ezra Jack Keats children's book Snowy Day. Love the collagey-ness and the use of colored tissue paper. This card is way more brilliantly colored, I guess I overexposed this one too, darn it!

The final card was Twilight/Vampire inspired. You can see D's sense of humor, as well as her intelligence here (butterflies and metamorphosis!)...Obviously, I love it, and y'all know why!!! LOL!!!

Danica also decorates the backs of the card and I have to admit, I almost liked the backs better than the fronts!!! Is that annoying D???!!! hee!!!

You can see the cards I made for D on her blog...

I'm ready for my next trade Mr. DeVille!

* * * * *

Other good things from this week!!!

Foothill College held a little reception for the student art show on display in the library on campus today. My mentor, Linda remembered to invite me yesterday as she had submitted two of my pieces (pixs later!)! LOL! I took a half day vacation from work and drove over, met a couple of really great young artists and had some good grub! Then I went to the trail and got in a 5 mile run! whoo hoo!!! Perfect weather, cloudy and cool!

Had an awesome cycle class on Tuesday even tho' I got a migraine afterward. I had to stop by Kath's and she mothered me. (Sometimes you need a little TLC!) Thanks Kath!!!

Monday, I stopped by Als and we chit-chatted and compared baby afghan stories. She's almost done with hers and she just started a week ago! sheesh! I always love seeing her and Joe and Alma June, who gives the best grandma hugs!!!

Tomorrow is another cycle class and then I'm looking forward to the weekend. Its a step back week in training, which means the long run is only 7 miles this Saturday. I think I might go back to Stanford and do the hills loop again or maybe I'll just do FLAT! I need to finish a couple of pieces for art class and I want to cook! I found this recipe for Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Portobellos (vegetarian!!!). I can't wait to try it!


Anonymous said...

Love both the received and the swapped cards! Oh and Flyleaf rocks!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i am loving these! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Danica said...

thanks for the spotlight! I feel so special ; p

Anonymous said...

I taught her everything she! Just kidding! I bow at the altar of her mad skillz for real! She's AMAZING!!