Saturday, February 13, 2010

wine & chocolate

Imagine for a moment the light sparkling off clear glass, a deep, deep blood red, and the smell of chocolate enveloping you. That was my experience tonight at the wine & chocolate tasting event. I had no idea this winery was in my neighborhood. (As I keep mentioning, I am constantly surprised at all these jewels right in my very own backyard!) Oh my. I have to say that I most enjoyed the chocolate separate from the wine, I think the reds especially tasted better with the cheese provided to cleanse your palate. Not to say that the chocolate wasn't amazing. Whoa! I want to go to more events at J. Lohr, especially the descriptor seminar, where I can learn about bouquet, various aromas, and flavors in wine. Sounds like so much fun!

I also saw Avatar today. In 3-D. If you have not seen it, go b/4 its no longer on the big screen! It made me think of the interconnectedness of life and that we all have the potential to be bigger than what we are. It was such a beautiful movie!

Should I sleep in tomorrow and blow off the gym? I'm thinking I will sleep until I awake and not worry about the alarm for once!

Happy V-day! I hope you all get chocolate!!!


jamie said...

Happy Valentines Day, Linda Lou!

Gave chocolate..does that count?
Have a happy day!!


Penny said...

Yes, blow off the gym!! You deserve a break!

That whole description of wine and chocoalte...mmmmm :)

Danica said...

happy valentine's day, chickadee!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I'd love to learn more about wine and coupling it with chocolate makes it all that much more appealing.

What other jewels are just outside our door?