Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Foot Tasting Room

 IM with Kris today...

LP:  when are you taking a vacation day so we can go to the Mystery Spot?
KA:  Whenever you want.
LP:  maybe a 1/2 day next Friday to start our Memorial Day weekend, and go over, do the     
        tour, then go to the Bonnie Doon tasting room, and maybe the Big Foot Museum on the 
        way home?
KA:  sure
LP:  not too much???  LOL!
LP:  we can figure it out after we get there!
KA:  Let's just NOT go to the Big Foot Tasting Room.  I've heard it's icky.
LP:   he might like that, but Mrs. Bigfoot probably wouldn't!!!
KA:  eeewww!!!
LP:  ack HAIRBALL!!!
KA:  Once you've thought it you can't unthink it.
LP:  super size my petromalt please!!!
LP:  you started it.
KA:  I didn't
KA:  I simply made a logical request.
KA:  If YOU want to go there, well, leave me in the car.
LP:  fine!  don't expect me to share my toe jam with you!!!
KA:  OK....I won't
KA:  Please don't
KA:  Pretty please

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 Things That Remind Me of You!

5 for 5 ATC trade with Penny!

The cards are based on what reminds me of Penny
(or more like what I know Penny likes!)

Penny likes guitars and loves Jimmy Eat World!
This two sided "card" was inspired by my Linda and
"ATC's" she made for another trade she participated in. 
Penny loves bees &
I loved when the Genie told Aladdin this in the Disney movie.
I also really like how Penny describes bees...
"They are so smart and hard working and loyal."
Penny likes peeps!  
This guy is singing a Jimmy Eats World song
while he plays on his guitar!
This was inspired by one of Penny's favorite CDs,
Chase this Light.
 Penny loves to read!!!
 The mini book has actual romance novel pages.  
I know this 'cause I made it!
The eyeglasses too! hee!
Bonus cards to get the art flowing!
Penny loves animals, especially
Cats & Dogs!


I've been looking at kitteh's online at one of the local adoption services.  oh, how I would love to adopt all of 'em and become a cat lady.   alas, I don't think I could afford it.  there were a couple of cuties that caught my eye...I wish my allergies would co-operate.  I don't want to get one home to find out we can't live with each other!  oh, and there's the litterbox dealie.  ewwww...

pix from LOLCATS : .)

Saturday, May 08, 2010



a snortfest, really!!!

go laugh now.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

happy mail fairy!

(geez, are my hands sun damaged or what?! yikes!!!)

I am sooooooooooo special!!!

the happy mail fairy visited me today!
happy dance, happy dance!!!

I got this cool vintage button ring!
Awesome hedgehog decals! (oh, and  bird too!)
Super duper fabric!!! 
Can't wait to play with it!
Made my week!

Thanks D!  YOU ROCK!!!
: .)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Elvis has left the building!!!

Elvis, Elvis...let me be.  Keep your pelvis away from me!!!

I was looking thru my vast collection of rubber stamps this evening and...
(No, I do not exaggerate, I have so many stamps that sometimes 
I don't remember what I have or don't have!!!)

I am missing my tiniest Elvis stamp!  
boo hoo!!!
 All I could find is the wood it was mounted on.
I'm so sad!

I'm pretty certain I got it from Viva Las Vegas Stamp.
(Marit's fav stamp company, right?! LOL!)
As a matter of fact, this might be it!!!
I can get an unmounted version for $1.80, 
but then it'll probably cost $5 to get it shipped.

Ohhh, maybe I should plan a trip to Las Vegas and go to the store!
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!  

OK, on to serious stuffs!

Speaking of Marit, she honored me with this lovely award which is
“for bloggers who
inspire others with their positivity
and creativity."

I'm very touched!  
Thanks Marit!!! : .)

In other good news, 
My beloved Los Tiburones won game 3 in the second round of the playoff series.
(The Detroit Red Wings will have to win the next 4 to advance.)


I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  
It didn't serve its intended purpose. 
I probably should have gone to the gym!
A good lesson, yikes!!!

The biking boys and I are going to a new deli for lunch tomorrow! Yum!
(Makes me laugh that I get to hang with the boys!)

@ work today, I got tapped to draft a document for a special project!
Glad for the opportunity!  
I love doing research and working independently!

Cinco de Mayo is an old friend's 46th birthday!
Happy Birthday, Scott!!!

Tomorrow, the week will be half over!!!
Bring it!!!
: .)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

take the long way home

Quick and busy weekend!
I zipped up to California's state capital, Sacramento!*
Hung out with Lisa, the drooly kitteh!
Cat slobber, ick!  LOL!
 Went to Eeebie Jeebie's high school swim finals!
(Soft focus, I meant to do that!)

My baby, getting ready to swim!
The beautiful boy!  He's way skinny tho'!

After the meet we took Bently for a walk on the levy above the American River.
I drove my Chevy to the levy***, but the levy was...full?
'Cause of the rain! And the snow that's still on the mountains in Tahoe.
and its MAY!!!
Gorgeous sunset!

All of a sudden, it was race day!!!

Chicken!  (Einstein chicken)**


Chicken! (Race director and cuuuutttteeee baby runners!)
Not Chicken!!!
(Happy Karen, we had coffee/tea b/4 we got to the race!)
Mile 1! Yay!
Heh, heh!!! (Those are the 5K runners!)

Finish line!  Karen wouldn't cross it b/c she didn't want anyone to see her! 
The End!!! (of the race, that is!  : .)
(What's up, Chicken Butt?!  Sorry, I had to throw that in!)

Why did the chicken cross the road?!
Bok, Bok!!!

Home again!  Miss 'em already, but duty and dirty laundry calls!!!

*I figured out why the State of California has no money. 
 They spent it to stop speeding cars in the Capitol City.
You've heard of speed bumps, right?
In Sac, they have bumps, humps, and undulations...
They also have lumps and table tops.
All for the same purpose!
For reals.  I am not joshing you!

**Karen clarified by saying "roosters."  Is 'rooster' and 'chicken' interchangeable???

***There was a classic car show associated with a street fair that was at the race start, so there were Chevys.  
We just didn't drive a Chevy to the levy.