Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forever Friend

There's a scrappy throwdown going on at Smiley Julie's challenge blog,  

Favorite Toys is the current challenge and I'm playin' along.

Smokey the Bear has been a constant companion.  
He's always present, always available for a chat, always comforting.

Smokey the Bear & I first met at a flea market. 
We share many memories & adventures!
He was the inspiration for my fire prevention poster, with which I won my 2nd grade fire prevention picture contest!
He's a bit worse for wear, but still good! 
: .)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art, Soccer & Condoversary!!!

 A year ago today I got the keys to my condo!!!

And today on my Condoversary, I still have such a sense of pride in ownership!!!

(And what the heck is all that CRAP [craft?] all over the place!!!  hahahaha!!!)

I just got back from a work organized Save Our Shores beach clean up (photos later) and I turned on the game b/c Dr. Steve (and others) harassed me for not supporting USA soccer in the World Cup.  (heheh!)

In the end, the USA played hard, but it wasn't meant to be.  And what the heck was that annoying buzzing noise?!!!

On a happier note, I can publish the full pixs of my fabric ATC swap with Danica!!!  I can't remember, did I mention that we were to use fabric/sewing, etc and make cards???  No, oh they are!

Leopard Love
(D, I renamed some of 'em after I sent 'em!)
Doncha just love the print on this flannel?!
I made visor covers out of this for my old car : .)
Hand beaded button (Smiley Julie, I used a vintage button you sent me!) &
Leaf ribbon.

A Soft Heart  & Imagine (the card I liked best of this set!)

A Soft Heart is made from my quilty friend Julie's hand dyed fabric.  
(Say that 5Xs fast!)
Felt, doily from Australia & a button!
Imagine is stitched cardstock, 
spritzed with glimmer mists, 
and stamped with Tim Holtz Linen ink.

Whole is my counterpart to Danica's "Coming Undone" (see below)
You Can Fly!!!
Whole is blanket stitched felt, sequins, and beads.
You Can Fly is made from fabric D sent me previously, french knots
and a feather for wishing upon.
(ok, now that I think about it...hum, it must have been inspired by her fly card!)

These are the cards D sent me (I snitched the image off her blog, : .)! 
I must say, my favorite is Coming Undone, so much meaning!
But I do love them all.
D rocks!!!

I think we really had to stretch.  I don't think either of us tried this medium before!  
Fun and challenging!!!  
Only 2 of my cards were what I had originally planned to do...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sneak peak!

she intones...
the cards are in the mail...the cards are in the mail

Sunday, June 20, 2010

now that wasn't so bad, was it???

you might not know this about me, but I am an extreme procrastinator.

I also know that there are no repercussions from teacher Linda for late work (for me anyway ; .), so I put off this week 6 homework assignment for my color class until today (binders due at my final tomorrow!)

the assignment was to use a previously made color sampler with different values, saturations, and hues, and create an artwork.  (don't forget that this class was about how color is perceived differently depending upon its environment.)

as usual, Inner Critic says I'm gonna do crappy work (which is why I avoided doing the assignment), but in the end I ignored IC and got down to business.

I kinda like my piece...

Rainbow People at the Ultra Marathon
(AKA Where you goin' little bleu guy???)

Hurray for Summer Vacation!!!

(and Danica, if you are reading this, the cards are in the, uh...mail.  ok, they're not. 
I'm now shooting for Tuesday, darn it!!!  my last two assignments took longer than I expected.
Linda = extreme procrastinator, yeah.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

monkey's got a new hat!

I made Monkey a new bear beanie yesterday!  
Ain't it cuuuuuutttteeeee!!!
Pattern from here...

Modified a bit, hoping for a better fit,  
but I think I need to continue working
on my mad crochet skillz!
: .)

BTW - Is yellow the new black?!  
Its everywhere!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

what I've been up to, part 2

working on...

fleurs made from spray inked punched papers...

finger knitting...
mini crocheted circle inspired by Debee Campos...
homework assignments based on Munsell color theory...
& crazy percentage calculations 
(I've had to think, sheesh!!!)

a bunch of stuff in my art journals, mostly unfinished!!!
stencils & spray ink...
more stencils & spray ink...
tea bags and 
Harajuku girls image 
from a book of which I can't remember the title (Fresh Fruits???)...
being inspired by
kim smith  (used her logo from a pkg from her Etsy) & Dina Wakely...
stenciling using Ed Roth (of Rat fink fame) stencils!
tmi story...
fun scrappiness!!!

I've also, been running, cycling, going to step class, of course. 

snacking on sardines in mustard and smoked oysters on crackers.
(yes, I agree, its the oddest craving!)

oh and watching a lot of movies.
two in one day about young women dying of leukemia, so heartwrenching,
I sobbed thru most of both movies...

DK's coming over to craft today, so I suppose I should shower and get ready for her visit!

what I've been up to, part 1

went to the  Maker Faire - Geekiness and Craftiness abounds!!!
this reminds me of theme of the book Better Than Life by Grant Naylor
hung out with my "grandniece" Leia, all of 7 weeks old!
ate paella!  OMG!  there were many vats of this stuff!!!

went to the Mystery Spot with my co-worker Kris!
worked against gravitational forces!
practiced scenes from the movie, The Matrix.
went mtn. biking with Jack at Big Basin Redwoods State Park
(this isn't the main park link, but the pixs were nicer!)
Jack's back!
me at the top! (we climbed many, many hills!  
it took us 2.5 hours to get up the mountain and about 10 minutes to ride down!)
yep, redwoods!
banana slug magnet I got at the gift shop!
banana slugs are the University of California at Santa Cruz's mascot!
(I have this thing for creepy crawlies and I was tickled yellow(?) haha! to get this magnet!)

 hitting the local flea market...I bot this lovely embroidered piece,
(Marit, if you are reading this, does the quote look like Dutch???)
the chicken, which I'll use as a salt cellar, some flowered dingle balls that I am going to cut apart,
and Rob Brezsny's Pronoia book for $2!!! Steal!
(Rob posts his horoscopes weekly!  I really enjoy them, even if I don't always believe in that 'stuff'!)
I have a really good Rob Brezsny story. I saw him speak in a local bookstore awhile back.
I'll have to tell it sometime!

to be continued in part 2...