Sunday, June 06, 2010

what I've been up to, part 1

went to the  Maker Faire - Geekiness and Craftiness abounds!!!
this reminds me of theme of the book Better Than Life by Grant Naylor
hung out with my "grandniece" Leia, all of 7 weeks old!
ate paella!  OMG!  there were many vats of this stuff!!!

went to the Mystery Spot with my co-worker Kris!
worked against gravitational forces!
practiced scenes from the movie, The Matrix.
went mtn. biking with Jack at Big Basin Redwoods State Park
(this isn't the main park link, but the pixs were nicer!)
Jack's back!
me at the top! (we climbed many, many hills!  
it took us 2.5 hours to get up the mountain and about 10 minutes to ride down!)
yep, redwoods!
banana slug magnet I got at the gift shop!
banana slugs are the University of California at Santa Cruz's mascot!
(I have this thing for creepy crawlies and I was tickled yellow(?) haha! to get this magnet!)

 hitting the local flea market...I bot this lovely embroidered piece,
(Marit, if you are reading this, does the quote look like Dutch???)
the chicken, which I'll use as a salt cellar, some flowered dingle balls that I am going to cut apart,
and Rob Brezsny's Pronoia book for $2!!! Steal!
(Rob posts his horoscopes weekly!  I really enjoy them, even if I don't always believe in that 'stuff'!)
I have a really good Rob Brezsny story. I saw him speak in a local bookstore awhile back.
I'll have to tell it sometime!

to be continued in part 2...


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Man, I'm jealous. I wanna go to Maker Faire. . . and I want paella.

Marit said...

I hadn't seen this post before, good thing you pointed it out to me 'cause yes, it is Dutch!
It's a kind of a (nursery?) rhyme, not a familiar one to me but it says

"I know a little house, covered with straw and cane. That's where once my cradle stood, at mothers lovely song"

(Poor translation, I know, but it does rhyme in Dutch...!