Sunday, August 15, 2010

i found myself in wonderland

so yeah...

I have a huge list of things-to-do & promises (sorry Pens!) to keep
and instead I decided to work on a new challenge/swap,
which is over at simply ArTistiC.  
are you surprised that I'd be interested in an ATC challenge site???  

my card...

Alice in Wonderland ttv self-portrait.
doncha you love the striped tights?!
I created the card based on the dress worn by Avril Lavigne
in her video for Alice,
as well as the song lyrics.
 card staging inspired by Debee Campos/Ruiz : .)
I love Debee!

specifically through my kodak duaflex camera, 
a gift from the gorgeous Madame Cupcake, 
shot with my coolpix digital.  
I personally like the over-exposed, messy, scratchy, aged,
out of focus, speckly ttv photos best, 
'cause what's the point of all the effort
if you're gonna take a "perfect" picture???!!!  

close-up of some of the bits! : .)

my Dad came back thru the bay area on Friday,
which gave me the opportunity to have him finish
a few projects that I had outstanding from his earlier visit...

isn't it a beauty???  Ikea.  gotta love it!!!
I got this b/c I just knew that I would never work in my craft closet upstairs,
so now I have storage in the living room.
I want to hang a curtain to hide my supplies.

we also hit the flea market again this morning
(at 6:30 am, on a SUNDAY no less!  eek!)

Dad & I scored some great goods!!!
Dad got tools!

I got...

awesome hand embroidered pieces for a dollar each!!!

cool shadow box for another dollar!

and a rusty star votive holder...I paid way too much for this,
but couldn't talk the seller down.
I'm happy because
now I don't have to go to San Antonio, TX to get one!!!
(some rude man told me I was a sucker for paying more than a dollar, what a jerk!)

time to cook dinner for Pops and get things ready for the work week!
I hope y'all had a gud weekend!!!

: .)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hehehehe...I am shocked you are playing along with an ATC challenge blog...really I am.. lol lol lol.. loving that ATC... and love love love love love your finds and that IKEA loves IKEA! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

MandyKay said...

i LOVE that ATC!! that is good stuff!
and i am totally jealous of the embroidery you scored!

Vanessa Glass said...

Your ATC is amazing. I just love it! And what great finds at the flea market!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ooooh, love the embroidery pieces. Very cool and such a good deal. I love that your craft space will be so organized and accessible.

Penny said...

woohoo! I love the ATC card!
Love your awesome finds and I love Ikea!!

I get lost in there for hours :)

Marit said...

Aaah... your dad looks a bit like mine! I visited the ArTastiC blog a week or so... got inspired but have to much other things going on right now... I will be happy if I can catch up with all my friends blogs this weekend but you are the first to visit dear!