Saturday, November 06, 2010

well hello friends!

I have had a productive day!

slept in - check!
went to the flea market to get sunglasses* - check!
went to Michaels to buy spray glue for a project - check!!!
popped into the scrapbook store - check!
did 3 loads of laundry - check!
made a knock-off version of SBuxs passion tea lemonade - check!
cleaned my bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen - check! (boy, did I NEED to clean!)
wrote and addressed postcards for Postcrossing - check!

I didn't wear "the boot" all day. {don't tell Dr. Rob!) I didn't wear it to the flea market.  imagine lugging around a 10 pound baby that's attached to your foot that you have to be really careful of and not dislodge.  its quite annoying and awkward (and not really 10 pounds, it feels like it however!!!)  especially going up & down stairs.   it makes me miss running.  a lot.  I don't like it.

but, enough complaining!  das boot is a necessary evil.  for now.  not forever.  better not be for long!

*I have a funny story...

I'm not good with sunglasses (probably like most people).  I have lost or damaged many a pair.  once, I left a pair on the top of half dome.  I closed the trunk of my car on my favorite pair many times until they finally broke. I broke a pair by sitting on them while I was doing H2C. there have been many others that have been left somewhere, dumbly broken or have just gone missing.  I started buying really inexpensive sunglasses because I can't be trusted with an expensive pair.  last weekend, I lost a silver & bleu pair when Shan spinned the car in Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters at Disneyland (so I couldn't score more points than her, evil witc...) and they flew off my head.  today I made a trip to the flea market to buy yet another inexpensive pair.

AND guess what?

Disneyland shipped me the silver & bleu pair, I got 'em today.  (DL has a cool lost & found process.  lucky for me.  I hope lucky for the other lady at the L&F with me who was looking for her Coach wristlet with her drivers license, credit card, and $400 cash.)

I should have waited...

story of my life.

the same thing happened when I lost my favorite fiskar scissors.  I found the old pair in my sewing box right after I bought a new pair.  I also lost my iPod shuffle.  I bought another one and of course, the original fell out of a pair of shoes I had in my locker at work just a day later!!!  why can't that happen with $100 bills?!

ha ha on me!  is that murphy's law, karmic justice, or ???  does it happen to you?  do tell!!!

oh, and my cousin (2nd cousin) is at Disneyland this weekend for her b-day.  her husband planned a huge celebration and bot her a princess cake!  they're staying at the Grand Californian!  I am jealous.   but I'm guessing Disneyland would loose its shiny if I went too often, right?!   heh!  I should see if the girls want to stay in the snazzy hotel the next time!!!

alrighty then...

I am quite hungry.  I got some rosemary garlic chicken with pasta in the making and another glass of wine calling my name!  I might even eat some butter and brown sugar for dessert, LOL!!!  or maybe just drink another glass of wine.  or stagger across the street to Safeway and get some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  wearing the BOOT!  snort.

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

{p.s. public service announcement - plz. don't drink and sharpen knives. the end.}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is the funniest post I have read all day! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!! And hehehehe... set down the drink slowly and back away from the sharp objects! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marit said...

You just made me smile and I needed that BAD... thanks Linda, for brightening my day! Oh, and about the sunglasses... I'm the "neat" person and have really expensive sunglasses that go OVER my normal glasses - I'm very careful with those! Can you imagine... I have "normal" glasses, numerous pairs of reading glasses and my sunglasses get on top of ALL of those! I can't afford to loose them, EVA!!! (and when I go to town, I have to carry an extra bag for all those glasses... LOL!)

Penny said... the hell did they ship you the lost glasses?? Disney really is magic!! I want to go!! I have never been!

Poor you and your boot :( :( Sending lots of hugs your way