Thursday, December 30, 2010


from LOLCats : .)

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Fan art for Ty's band...

Requiem for the Dead

(I really suck at photography.  
no matter what setting I used 
[I guess I should figure out how to shoot manual...]
I couldn't get this the color I wanted!  grr!)

 (click to see it a bit better)

The Terrible Tale of Two...

(oh, and I think my new years resolution, 
if I were to make one,
is to stop using butterflies and hearts in my art.
the end.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Marit's Musical Blog Party, parties on!
The piece I did today was inspired by...
Owner of a Lonely Heart by YES!

I had scraps and this cute little guy on a stamp
with a little glittery heart he's dying to share.
He's not really that scary, right?!  LOL!!!

Plus, this is the grin I like to make, 
it covers many different situations.  
I think the two of us are MFEO.  
("Made For Each Other"... 
You'd know this if you are a Meg Ryan fan 
and have watched Sleepless in Seattle
as many times as I have.  
And I need to mention,
I find it ironic that this is one of my fav movies,
because of where it was filmed!)

Otherwise, it was a lazy kind of day...

I finished my first DT piece 
and sent it off for its January preview. 
I had to go to Staples for ink to finish the piece. 
(That's supplies, so its on the "ok to purchase" list : .) 
Talked to Als for 49 minutes, 
and did a load of dishes.
I'm also attempting to finish a fan piece for RFTD.

I did have a moment of anxiety, 
trying to decide if I should have red or white wine 
with my frito pie this evening, 
but it was a moot point
as the spicy chili and the jalapeno peppers
have burned the taste buds off my tongue
and I can't taste the wine anyway.
I'm thinking of trying this with
ground beef and brown gravy, 
since I'm not a fan of chili... hum...

ok, that's it for this eve...carry on!
: .)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Love and Let's Dance!

A couple more pieces for Marit's Musical blog party!  Late!  I don't do deadlines well!  LOL!!!

One Love by Bob Marley & the Wailers


Let's Dance by David Bowie

Its a party!  There's gotta be lots of dancing!!!

This is all I've done today... I've had two cups of coffee and its 2:22 pm.  I need FUDS!!!

Yesterday was such a good day...  I did errands in the am and then Jack picked me up for an Imax showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  
One word:  AWESOME!!!  
So sad however.  Can't wait for the final movie!

Afterwards, Jack took me to the Fairmont for a glass of wine.

Later in the evening, I had an appointment with my IT guy for some new memory for this ole computer!  Yowza!  What a difference.  Now I can put off buying a new computer until next year!!! Yay!!!  Thanks Andy!!!  Mary cooked split pea soup, it was very yum!!! 

On the day after Xmas, Shan invited me to dinner & we watched Alice in Wonderland.  She broke the rules and bot me a present...

It has my name, not Edward's!!!  LOL!!!
Very cool!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do You Know the Way to San Jose???

I'm done with Christmas.  Thank you.
I hope you had a great day, however...  : .)

Today's contribution to Marit's Musical blog party was a must do!!!

Trinjintje Oosterhuis, who's a Dutch singer did an album 
of covers of Burt Bacharach's songs
and one of them was "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"

Here's my piece...


Saturday, December 25, 2010

You Should Be Dancing!!!

MERRY, MERRY!!!  : .)

*     *     *     *     *

In other fun ...

From Christmas day, continuing to the beginning of the New Year, there's a radio station in the Netherlands that's playing the 2000 favorite songs of its listeners. What a list!!!

Marit is throwing a musical blog party in conjunction with the Top 2000 & I decided to join in!!!

I'm currently rocking the mid-70's and dancin' my way thru Marit's party with a Bee Gees remember it...You Should Be Dancing!  OMG!  I was in 7th grade and my Mom let me go see Saturday Night Fever, can you believe it?  I don't think I understood most of the movie at the time ; .P  Of course, I got the (double) album for Christmas that year.  Such good memories dancing and singing to the songs on those records!!!

Just today in my stash, I found the little people getting down to their favorite tunes, and with a few stamps and some hand cut lettering, I got together my first piece for the countdown...FUN!!!

I hope you're having a great day!!!   : .)

Friday, December 24, 2010

you stink. you smell like beef and cheese. you're not santa.

Its not every day that I get to hang with the crew sporting new xmas pjs!!!
Thanks Aldien!  I'm so tickled!
They're perfect!!!

 Did a piece in my art journal in honor of said pjs : .)

I wanna mention one last awesome thing for today...

I got my Phoenix badge from this fab-o site 
for writing for a 100 days in a row!!!
Patting myself on the back for the accomplishment : .)
I'm really proud of myself!!!

750 words is based on Julia Cameron's daily pages, 
if you recall me mentioning The Artist's Way
Julia has you do a creativity exercise
 consisting of 3 pages of daily long-hand journaling.
(Stream of consciousness dumping : .)

750 words takes this concept a bit further...  
and sends you an email to remind you to write,
awards the badges for milestones and accomplishments,
calculates stats, and 
keeps track of your progress.

Its quite cool!!!

On work days, I get up at 5:30 am to get my pages in.  
 The badges alone are very motivating!
Love it!
Oh-Kee-Doh, I'm off to watch A Nightmare Before Xmas!

I hope Santa brought you everything that was on your list!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

: .)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

seeking my inner German

Grandma always said we were English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and German.  (I'm also half Japanese, but you know that already, right?!)  I think I mentioned before, I spent my entire life thinking I was a lot Irish because of the last name.  Come to find out, I'm Welsh.  Talk about an identity crisis.  Makes me think of that Starburst commercial with the Scotch-Korean kid, the contradiction.  I wonder if he had an identity crisis when he made that commercial ; .P

But I digress.  Lately, I've been craving green beans.  Specifically Green Beans and Spaetzle in Bavarian sauce.  (It figures, the sauce has BACON!!! Which btw, Adam Richman of Man vs Fud called "meat candy" today... yeah baby!) My Mom fixed this a lot when I was a kid.  I loved it!  I haven't been able to find it for years!!!  (Obviously, I never considered Amazon as a source!!!)

I finally found a recipe online.  I bought the spaetzle pre-made, all I had to do is boil it.  I left out the sugar. ( beans and sugar?!)  And I used center cut bacon (which I don't recommend and would dice into really tiny pieces next time), I added butter and some flour to make the sauce thicker and more creamy, and definitely more fattening : .)

The verdict (I stole this statement from A Year of Slow Cooking):

The dish was ok.  Not sure I'd serve it to anyone without a disclaimer.  In the future, I would find a recipe without beer.  And cook the green beans a lot more because in the Bird's Eye version the green beans are squishy, not squeaky.  I'd also use regular bacon.  Oh, and add more spaetzle.  Carbs, swoon!

Hey, I've got an idea.  Cook more spaetzle and eat it with BUTTER, salt and pepper!  yum!!!  LOL!

Since I haven't posted a boot pix lately, here's one.  We are definitely out of the honeymoon stage of our relationship and truly, I wish one of us was moving out (das boot, thank you!).  As it is, I haven't been wearing it consistently (don't tell Dr. Rob!) because my foot still hurts and you'd think that after almost 7 weeks in boot, and a round of NSAIDs, then a round of prednisone, it'd feel better, not worse.

Seems like there's no point in continuing the suffering and awkwardness, especially since I'm pretty sure the next treatment will be cortisone shots.  yay. 

And seriously.  I really need to run.  I'm getting super poofy.  sigh.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

some more things I made...

felt garland.  aren't those pom poms cuuuuttteee!!!

I stitched the heart with and strung it, on jute.  I love the rustic-ness!

 I found this really cool setting on my camera the other day...color accent.
you can choose one color and the camera picks up only that color
and leaves the rest of your shot in black and white.
I found I have a lot of red in my house : .)
and not just 'cause its christmas!

 I found this camo fabric online at Beverly's Fabric and Craft 
and made this pillow cover out of it.  
its tractors if you didn't notice : .)  
my Dad will love the John Deere logos!
I got the instructions from here!
it was sooo easy, I would recover all my throw pillows...
if I had any, hee!

Monday, December 20, 2010

today's list of awesome brought to me by the letter D!

 I've been a bit lax in my blogging.

I'll have to start backwards from today and record the last few days...

today's awesome was happy mail from Danica!

one - picture of Evan. (and you thot it'd be the SC stuff, huh?!) omg!  he's sooooo darling!  I love it!  its going up on my kids wall at work when I go back next month.

two - insight into the boy/man that is Sidney Crosby (Pittsburg 'zine) swoon... (he could be my son, he could be my son... snort.)

three - Pittsburgh Penguins beanie...that's HOCKEY! (it was 50 degrees today & I did wear it D, to walk [don't tell Dr. Rob] from the Mazda service center to McD's and back!  : .)

four - Mickey Mouse Christmas cling, its on the fridge as we speak! (no good windows to put it on, and I'll see it there all the time!)

five - scrap goodies... love love love those tags!  hee!!!

six - yum tea!

you shouldn't have D, but THANKS!  made my day!!!  I am one lucky woman : .) 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scrapping the Music Guest Designer Week 4 - Times Like These by the Foo Fighters

(Lets try this again...)

Here's my final guest designer submittal for Scrapping the Music.

This week's song is Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

I am a one way motorway
I'm the one that drives away
Then follows you back home
I am a street light shining
I'm a wild light blinding bright
Burning off alone

Sunday, December 12, 2010

more holiday craftiness...

 made my mickey mouse icon head wreath
 most beautiful christmas tree...
tutorial here!
I think there's more than 300 cut circles, yowza!!!

12 (?) Days of Christmas???

straight, no chaser...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm a big fan of the happy meal!

baby fries!!!

me & Venning at the McD's by Cost Co.  
December 8, 2010

: .)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

ah * pah-si-tive * ah-ti-tude!

is important you know,
especially regarding this boot thing.
cookies help : .)


this is my submission for the current challange @ Simply ArtisTiC.  
this round's theme is "hidden message" inspired by 
the art of Patrycja Zywert.

this challenge took a lot of brainstorming. 
I always found binary coding to be a bit mysterious
so I did a little research and used binary to create a "hidden" message. 

yeah, the key is right below, so its not exactly hidden...

(makes me think of those pictures that they saw in the coding of the Matrix! ; .)

Monday, December 06, 2010

very good mail day!

handmade by Pens - north pole sign post
soooo cute!!!
hee hee!  so happy to have my very own!
isn't the snow just the best?!

there's also a PRESENT!!! my first under the tree!!! 
love, love <3

 merci beaucoup, mon amie!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

the things I did...

painted and glittered my Kaisercraft funky wreath
(it needs a banner or something)
hung crochet snowflakes from the branch I put up in my bedroom
made a peace banner
(idea from here...)
baked some christmas cookies
(check out the cute MM sprinkles)

started a new bebe blanket for the NICU

made a new Mickey  Mouse icon head wreath for my front door
(photos later)

made an ATC for Simply ArtisTiC
(it still needs to be finished)

cooked my Mom's fried rice for dinner

hung out with Als &
made it to Barbara's party and ate lots

ran over a dead skunk in the rainy dark
now my car stinks

was invited to join the design team
over at Scrapping the Music in January
how cool is that?!
: .)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I can't believe I've gone my entire life...

not knowing about FRITO PIE!!!


I am salivating like Pavlov's dog just thinking about it!

o.k. basically, you take fritos, and cover 'em with chili (beans or no beans?!), and cheese!

as you can see in the pix, you can add onions, and jalapeno peppers, and sour cream.

oh yum!!!  

someday I will make this for myself.  maybe after I run marathon,
if that ever happens again.


I made stuff, cleaned the house, finished decorating,
(Als is coming over to see the Xmas decor),
need a shower, need to make cookie dough.
I'm buzzing along like you wouldn't believe...
Dr. Rob put me on prednisone.
(This should be an interesting week...)

tonite is Barbara's annual tree trimming party.  lots of gud fuds are to be had. 
this year is a mexican theme, complete with pozole, my fav mexican soup.
maybe they'll have frito pie, LOLOLOL!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Thursday, December 02, 2010

cute pix : .)

I meant to post this picture last month.  Luckily, I found it in my email today...

This lovely group of ladies (minus JT's Mom) donate their time, talent and yarn...
and crochet baby blankets for the NICU Unit at Good Sam Hospital in San Jose. 
How great is that?!

I'm so tickled at the diversity of this group and I think its sooo funny that the "minority" group represented is the Caucasians, LOL!!! 
(And btw - Susan was the one who crocheted the record 10 blankets in the last batch, yowza!!!)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scrapping the Music Guest Designer Week 3 - Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans

The song for week 3 of my guest designing gig at Scrapping the Music is ...

Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans.

"you can't stop love"

I decided to pay homage to my love of Starbucks hot beverages
since I really couldn't relate to the subject of the lyrics.
(Nor the genre, really.)

Anyway, I like how it came out and I LOVE the color combo!!!  LOL!
(and uh, the last piece for STM was hot pink and blue, not red and turquoise! hee!
annnnnd wow, my last piece too!  ohmygosh! I think I need to expand my color usage!)