Sunday, January 16, 2011

bright, bright, bright sunshiny day!!!

Took myself on a little artist's date yesterday...I didn't even have to go further than my "yard".  I took some pixs with my duaflex and my contraption...right around my complex.

I haven't been following Julia lately,  even tho' I'm still doing "daily pages" online and long hand in my comp book.  Mostly I wanted to get my sorry butt off the couch and outside in the sunlight.  Vitamin D, ya know! It was a good way to combine the two...Here are my favs from  my little outing.

Photo heavy...

 And of course, I took the requisite self-portraits!

I also walked down to the high school flea market and psst, don't tell Venning because we had a deal about craft supply purchasing, but I bot some old zippers to make flowers, a bird, and some vintage tinsel.  I think I spent $1.70...about broke the bank, heh!

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Penny said...

Very cool vintage effects :)
Love the self portraits :)