Sunday, January 30, 2011

week-ish in review

things are a bit discomboobulated lately.  I am doing things, but without direction.  and I am forever stopping and trying to remember what it was I was or wanted to do...I can't keep track of schedules and I forget to do things. a lot has happened in the past two weeks and there's anticipation of things happening (not necessarily good either), AND I got SICK and took a day off from work.  I never get sick!  still trying to get a grip.

I'm disappointed that I feel like I've lost my mojo/motivation for all my favorite things:  Starbuxs (oooh banish the thot!), my journaling (I was ON.A.ROLL, 125 days before forgetting and skipping days here and there.  I'm having to start over for the second time!), getting sweaty (I haven't been to the gym in a week!), and even art (I can't seem to find any inspiration.)

BUT...there were dog tongues, and holding new bebe Megan, and tea, and scones, and darling kid friends, and cooking men (Gail's husband!), draft tattoos, home renovations and new paint colors, picture tag, anniversary cake (choco buttermilk with cream cheese frosting), martinis, and cute faces, de-dotted bed-head, and a wedding long time coming, Donna & Als, rainy days (which I love), completing work projects, that was all good.  (don't you hate bloggers that go ON?! heh!)

in any are a bunch of photos I've taken:

*     *     *     *     *

I got some ATCs mailed off to Marit for a trade...

these are the cards I received, verra cool, yeah?! 

and some peeks at the cards I made : x)

o.k.  that's that!  bring on the new week!


Marit said...

Yeh, right... now you got me even more curious!!! Can't wait to see my cards arrive!!!!! Oh dear, sick? Blaahhh... I hope you soon get your mojo, happiness and health back Linda!

jamie said...

saw one of those pics somewhere else...nice tattoo!!