Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wide Open Spaces - Scrapping the Music

Hiya!  The newest challenge is up at Scrapping the Music!

The song is Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks.

My DT piece was inspired by (my friend) Annie...
She's soooo photogenic and becoming such a beautiful young woman. 

I felt that these lyrics:

She needs wide open spaces
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new spaces
She knows the high stakes.... 
Fit perfectly with where she's at in her life right now.  

I busted out a stamp set that's
imagine that!!!  
I watercolored over the images 
and glimmer misted the fairy, 
but you can't see the glimmer, oh well.
I was inspired to re-create Marit's border.
The lettering is sparkly too...
I think the piece has a good hippie chick vibe...

Come play along!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy v-day

I probably should have stayed in bed today.
Not 'cause it was V-day,
Just 'cause it was Monday.
I did get the best valentines card
from one of my darling little friends!
Oh my, after all my efforts to be kid-like,
I'm still perceived as "the grown up"!!!
(Sister wrote that at the behest of the sweet girl!)

Aren't the fish too cute?  They're smiling!  
Duck Duck Quack!

And there's a beautiful butterfly...
I managed to get some cookies baked for the Burge Clan...

The tiny heart sprinkles (Wilton, I believe...got 'em at Michaels) 
and the hot pink sugar made the cookies magical, doncha think?!

Honestly tho', I'm glad its almost over...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

back in the saddle...again?

bikey, bikey, bikey...
Dr. AndrĂ© (my chiro) asked me how everyone around me was doing 
since I hadn't been working out.
No one has said anything to me directly...
But I did apologize to Aldien last weekend for
"ranting" heh.
 ; xP

I've been having trouble sleeping and 
I've been waking up in a panic,
many times a night.
I think its because of lack of endorphins.
So today, I went for a little bike ride.
20 miles might have been a bit too much,
but it was beautiful and I really needed to sweat
and enjoy clean air and sunshine.
Ignoring the pain in my foot...Its probably nothing, right?

(Note to self:  Don't forget gel seat or padded shorts or both for next ride.)

At the halfway point, I stopped to watch the rowers on Lexington Reservoir.

I decided I'd really like to be the person driving the speedboat.

Off to bake some V-day cookies : x)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bacon of Hope

This morning I was quickly scanning my email in-box and I saw an eletter from Sark.  
What caught my eye was the greeting, "Dear Buttercup".  
I was surprised that Sark knew my alter-ego/(other) secret superhero moniker 
(from the Powerpuff Girls)!  
In my rush, I read the subject line as
instead of the actual title Beacon of Hope...heh. 

Ok, I laughed louder that that.  
I crack myself up!!!

That gave me the idea for this post,
a list favorite bacon things or bacon things I'd like to try!!!
Considering that its almost Valentines Day, 
I say this was a perfectly timed homage to my love, BACON!!! 

Are you ready?!

I've had this.  Its amazing!  
An interesting fact:
Chocolate covered bacon strips are not really that good.
Too greasy. 
But this choco bar, a perfect balance.

Must find this!!!

3) Bacon cups with sweet potato hash as seen on What Would Brian Boitano Cook?!
Couldn't he just come over and make these for me???

4) Paula Deen's Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps as seen on Marie's blog
via this blog...click the blog link to get the recipe!  
Paula Deen's my girl!!!  She did a low-fat FoodTv show once, 
she giggled the entire time as if it was a huge joke.  Sooo funny!

What number am I on? 
I got distracted by all the BACON, bacon, bAcOn, bacon, BaCoN!!!

5) Bacon Flavored Scrapple.  I have to credit Mike Rowe 
(SWOON!!! I'm gonna marry him!)
for bringing this to my attention on his show Dirty Jobs!  
Yes, somehow I will try this!!!  
Pig snouts, yum!
I'm adventurous!  Anyone else?  Anyone?!

Yeah Baby!!!  Must not shirk on oral hygiene!!!
Aaaahhhhm, Eau de Puerco!!! 
Disappointingly (is that a word?!) it really reeks!!!  
 Mary bot this for me!!!  hee!!!  
It currently resides in the garage.

8)  "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BACON" button from Sweet Meats on Etsy.
I can't wait to meet the man I would give this to!!!
I keep it handy, just in case! 
(oh wait...Mike Rowe duh!)

  Not sure they intended this for bacon lovers!
(BB - Before bacon!)
And finally...

10)  BACON!  The original!!!
Bringin' it home!!!

After all that, I bet your arteries aren't even clogged!

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Again, I had to google who was playing this year...Snort.

I haven't been impressed by any of the commercials so far...

I was gonna go to a salvage yard today and look at house parts with Shan,
but I decided I shouldn't be on my foot for as long as she expected to be there, 
so I ended up staying at home.

Watched Easy A , it was a cute movie : x) 

I got a few things finished up this weekend...

 Inspired by Tim Burton...
I used up some scraps here.
Does anyone know why Tim always uses bleu butterflies in his movies?
 Inspired by Tim Burton and Teesha Moore...
Not really liking the water soluble oil pastels
(Maybe it was my paper, not watercolor???)
I just love that little guy with the {burning} heart!
 Inspired by a stamp in my "collection"...
Added finishing touches to this.
Yes, more turquoise and red.  
Evidently, I am not done with those colors yet.

I started a crocheted heart pillow, will take pixs later.

Mama Hummingbird is diligently warming her eggs.

It was beautiful here this weekend, 71 degrees on Saturday...
I left the front door open until midnight, 
sorry that the weekend is over.

Busy week ahead.  I hope it goes quick.

See ya soon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I can't wait to see the story unfold...

right outside my door!!!  hi mama!!!  don't you just love her mosaic nest???

In other news...Yep.  We're dating again.  But I only took him back for 2 weeks.
That's it...

Ooooh and the new prompt is up at Scrapping the Music!!!
New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.

I thot that the Toms philosopy and mission was a perfect
"fit" with the song!

I really love those pink glitter Toms, but I am not a pink glitter shoe wearing girl.
I'm thinking about those black botas : x)

Come play along!!!