Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Days - Scrapping the Music

I've got a post planned for my Texas trip, just trying to gather my thots enough to sound articulate. 

Did you know that "articulate" (uttered clearly in distinct syllables) and "articulate" (using language easily and fluently; having facility with words) are spelled the same, but have different meanings???

Sorry, I digress...

Check out the current challenge for Scrapping the Music.
The song for this round is Good Days by Alain Clark
 I only now watched the video...previously, I had just listened to the song.  
Uh, Alain is kinda beautiful : .)  ok A LOT beautiful!

My piece (click on it to see it bigger):

You might recognize it.  Yes, I used a previously created piece, 
but my excuse is I had a deadline, 
and I was on vacation : .)
I ran out of time before I left on my trip to make a new piece.

Its a fav photo of myself at the Queen's Pool on Kauai in 2005.
A tropical paradise, sigh...

In other artistic news...

Here are some pages I worked on while I was at my Dad's.
(I'm playing along with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Art Journal Every Day.  
Click on the link at the right for details.)  
I didn't want to haul a lot of supplies with me, 
so I only took the journal, a set of watercolors, 2 brushes, a Sharpie marker, and a white gel pen.

I drew the circles first.  I painted them.  Then I realized that the paint dulled the ink, 
so I went back over them to make them stand out. 
I think it took about 3 days to finish the piece (its a 9 x 12 page!)
I really, really like it!

For this page, I used the bar code off that destination tag they put on your luggage.
Brain freeze, I can't think of the name...
and I cut out Texas and watercolored it like the Texas state flag.
It needs a star, or a heart in the middle.
Still incomplete, too.
I think I'll title it 
"Don't Mess With Texas!"
"Deep in the Heart of..."

This graphic is from a MGD box.  Beeah.  Isn't she cool?
This piece also needs more development.

I've got a couple more pages, but they're embarassing and not very creative.
Just trying to make it to the page.  
I think I've made it 10 out of 16 days so far!

My Beloved Los Tiburones are playing their 2nd game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 
against the Los Angeles Kings!!!
I'm excited!!!

Gooooooooo SHARKS!!!