Monday, May 16, 2011

believe me when I say that I got something for his punk ass...

I'm feeling a little feisty right now...
I got my allergy shots a couple hours ago 
and had a reaction,
itchy hives.
To stop that in its tracks,
the doctor on call gave me a shot of epinephrine,
I guess to avert potential anaphylaxis.
While I was sitting there twitching,
the doc also made me take a dose of benadryl.
I asked if they would cancel each other out, heh!
The doctor and 2 nurses (I am sooo important!)
asked if there was anyone they should call.
Uh yeah, NO.
I feel fine now...still a bit itchy.

OK, on with my list of good things for today:

1) This idea!  
One of the engineers @ work
 heard I like old school typewriters and
 sent me the link,
cool yeah?!
2) Distributing these cookies to 
people who make me laugh!
3) 3 more days of work this week!
4) finding perfect gifts for kid friends!
5) Keanu Reeves movies, sigh.

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