Tuesday, May 03, 2011

gorgeous boy!

this pix has nothing to do with this post, but I love it, so I'm puttin' it here.

I've been neglecting this lil ole blog.  
I realized that when I had to stop running, 
all my motivation & creativity just flew away.
I think once I stop feeling sorry for myself, 
I can get back on track...

anyway, to reroute that negativity into some positivity,
 I think I'll restart my 5 good things lists...
I've been enjoying this blog.

for today...

("everyone wants candy, and I've got candy to give." eye candy, heh!)

2) speaking of eye candy  
the man-boy at the gym today with the biceps, hee!!!

3) dinner @  Aquis with Jack!
I wish I could have had a Sangria Swirl,

4) I'm doing a cleanse/detox and boy do I feel GREAT!!!
ok, tired, but great!

5) bare minerals make-up, sparkly lipgloss & micro-fiber mascara 

: .)

oh, one more...

6) quality time with Karen!


Marit said...

It's great to see your 5 good things... I feel inspired to think of 5 of my own now... let's see:

- I woke up with a head ache, but now it's gone!

- The sun is shining, and it will be summer temperatures towards/in the weekend!

- I will visit my parents and see the sea, hear the waves in a few days!

- My son will be here this afternoon.

- Having online friends like YOU!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your list...and not thinking I can come up with one today...as after moving and all that...I have to go back to work today... boo! lol! :):):):):):)

jamie said...

Linda--I'm not as organized in my thoughts as you are, but I always try to have a good attitude!!