Saturday, June 04, 2011

"put a bird on it!" - art imitating art???

as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm participating in 
Summer Camp.

today, inspired by a piece she did of birds on a wire, 
an episode of Portlandia, (cracks me up every time!)
(btw - I have been in the shops on Mississippi Avenue in Portland!  LOL!!!)
and the camp prompts,
I created an avian triptych : .)

ever since I purchased my condo, 
I've used a lot of birds and feathers
in my art and in my decor.
nesting, I guess!

I also experimented with blowing bubbles in ink 
to make background paper.

note to self:  
do this outdoors, in a deep pan, wearing hazmat gear.
I am covered in ink.
I am so glad it was non-toxic and water soluble
because I got it everywhere, 
on my hands, face, clothes, the floor, the counter, the stainless steel sink,
yes, even in my mouth, yuck!!!

I love this background paper from Fancy Pants...
its called "Spring Fever".
that's a Donna Downey stamp.
I just decided on the perfect picture to scrap here.

that's all I got accomplished today, 
aside from dishes, laundry, and a nap to overcome some nausea.

I went to the Greek Festival on Friday with Vicki & family.
o.m.g!!!  we ate sooo much fuds!
it was crazy crowded, but the eats were worth 
the claustrophobia & the cognitive dissonance.

pastitsio, calamari, spanikopita & loukoumades! 
I brought home some baklava & kourambiethes.

I wanna go back tomorrow!


Marit said...

Calamari with ink - yummie ;)
Love your triptych! The bubbles... haaaa... I'm sorry for all the splashes you got on you (I did warn you though!) but the outcome is worth it! Love those pages!!!!

jamie said...

fuds not inks!! the sufferings of an artist...

Happy Sunday!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Dude.. I wanna see a 'phin covered in paint' photo!!! loveeeeeeeeeeee these!! Loving that feather in the first pic! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)