Saturday, July 02, 2011

beach time

kath IM'd me at work yesterday 
and asked it I wanted to join her and the D's 
at the beach.

you'd think that I would have immediately jumped on that idea, 
but my work ethic reared its ugly head 
and I actually said no at first!

b/4 I could think about it, I got all spontaneous, 
quickly wrapped up what I was doing...

and then we were off!!!

a most excellent day!!!

you too can make this fauxlaroid (with your own photos, of course), 
template and brief instructions generously provided 
by Jennifer Kirk of Ambrosia Creative (via Etsy on FB).  
major details are not listed.  I just kept playing around with the template
until I could get it to look like I wanted (in PS Elements).

the best colors!

exuberant youth!

you can't tell, but its COLD!

kath's elbow.  I realized this am we don't have pixs of us together.
I must fix that!!!

I think they might have been pretending to be seals???

the girl!!!


lucky shot!  I think he wanted snaks!!!

I spent a lot of time today looking for stuff, 
physically and was tres annoying!
that means I have too much stuff!

I started this project!


ain't it cool!

I also modified a recipe for lemon pasta, yum!

tomorrow, I'm going over to Jack's and we'll bbq BEEF, 
and watch the first two episodes of True Blood, season 4!
I can't wait!!!

I'm hearing fireworks in anticipation of 
Independence Day celebrations!

Happy 4th, Americans!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome photos!! LOVING that bird one! I want a beach! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marit said...

Happy day at the beach... I envy you! Lovely photos!

Patricia said...

Happy 4th! So glad you went to the beach. Cold...seriously?! I guess you can't have perfect weather where ever you live. We just had a heat index of 119...oh, and you can't forget about our lovely humidity down here...ugggh. I love love love that fauxlaroid. Very cool!

Sharon said...

this is so cool! I love your newspaper artwork!!!! Hope you had a happy 4th!

jamie said...

Hope you had a good 4th of July!! We saw REO Speedwagon at the Del Mar Fair---takes us back!