Sunday, September 25, 2011

what up moose!!!

while the article was quite entertaining, it was the commentary that got me!!!

"moose is gonna get charged with tree u i."

"Lay off the sauce, Bullwinkle. You can't fly like Rocky."


I LOVE  the internet!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

cuando los lagartos corren

on Tuesday, my trainer told me I could work out on Friday...

on Thursday on my way home from work, I saw the dirt bike police on my regular trail.

that made me anxious, 
so I decided to hike Rancho instead...

just my luck, there were signs posted all over 
that recently there was
a mountain lion encounter.
not a sighting,
an encounter!

to be honest, I was surprised at the postings.
I've often seen parts of deer on the trail which means 
some big predator was there!

maybe a deer "encountering" a mountain lion isn't as important
as a human 'encountering" one...

hard to decide which is more scary,
two legged predators vs 4 legged predators?!

my favorite loop was blocked off, so I headed up the hill.
anxiously listening for every noise and thinking all the while 
what is a mountain lion's range???
just because they block off one trail, 
doesn't mean that the lion won't go to the other trails,
not like he reads the signs!!!
I was debating the intelligence of being on the trail
with the mountain lions!

got startled twice by this:

Momma was right.on.the.trail!!!
so cool!
(she's far away here 'cause she ran up the trail when I got my phone out...)

as I was doing my second loop (I was supposed to walk for 2 hours!!!)
I kept seeing baby lizards running this way and that!!! 

there were a lot of flies, can you see two on my sweaty face?


it was about 90 degrees, but it was beautiful.  

I got nothing else going on this weekend except a Starbucks run,
another workout,
some Dr. Who & 
maybe some ART!!! 


happy Friday!!!  : .)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

attack of the killer tomatoes...

the most beautiful heirloom tomato coupled with
fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar 
to make a caprese salad...

sooooo tasty!

thanks unknown co-worker who shared their garden's bounty!

I ate the entire thing!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

H2O Polo Tourney

"My 6 foot tall baby" Ian decided to play water polo for his high school team
the Rio Raiders this year. 

There was a tournament locally, so mom Karen made the trip with him to watch.

It was my first experience watching water polo, pretty darn exciting!!!

(Sneebert is #16, hanging onto the clipboard in this shot!)


Look how far the goalkeeper is out of the water!!!

Karen & I took a break for lunch!
(& a trip to Ikea for drapes!!! LOL!)

Yum...goat cheese, walnuts, and lardons (bacon!!!)

Ian was asked to film the second game. 

Lots more action!!!

Such intensity!!!

In the end, Rio took 3rd place in the tournament 
(in a final game against De la Salle)!!! 
A good showing, I think!!!

I also dragged Karen to Sbuxs and the local flea market where we scored some good bits!
Me, a Jonathan Adler designed for Sbuxs travel mug for a $1,
(yeah, I paid $20 for one when they first came out last Xmas!), 
and a plastic picture frame...
Karen an exercise ball and Beanie Babies for her niece!
She'd never been to a flea market, can you imagine?!  LOL!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FB convo with Sharmaine

Kath, you've got some competition!!!  I find it utterly ironic that D had an online friend in Australia...


    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Let Go of the Trying

    A friend sent this to me awhile back.  I looked at it again today. 

    I especially like the part about "purposeful effective efforts."

    Good message! 

    Happy Monday!!!  : .)

    Let Go of the Trying


    If you're trying hard and not making any progress, quit  trying.
    Quit trying and start being.

    When you see yourself as trying, you don't see yourself as succeeding.
    The perception and perspective of trying makes everything into a struggle.

    There is great value within you.
    Allow it to come out, naturally and without a fight.
    Instead of trying to get to some other point,
    give your love and attention to doing your very best right where you are,
    with what you have.
    Instead of seeing yourself as not there yet,
    be thankful that you are right where you are meant to be.

    Yes, by all means envision a bright future in which your dreams are fulfilled.
    And see how everything that  comes your way is the unfolding of that beautiful future.

    Let go of the trying and let yourself make purposeful, effective efforts.
    Let go of the judgments,
    and let each moment of your positive energy bring new richness to life.

    ~ Ralph Marston

    Wednesday, September 07, 2011

    Tuesday, September 06, 2011

    rug hooking

    I decided to hook a rug, but not with yarn.  with race t-shit strips...


    all I can say for myself is...

    Please...DO NOT drink and type!

    (I'm still snarfing!!! LOLOL!!! : .)

    photo credit:  EHOW

    Monday, September 05, 2011

    inspired by...

    I played with my supplies today.

    I've been inspired by a lot of artists lately...

    Starbucks, of course!!!  I cut a stencil from the graphic on one of their paper bags.

    nature and camping : .)  (Julie T-W, I had no idea this line was called "Mr. Campy")

    my own little brain...

    Clarrice and the colors in her yarn art...

    Patricia and Vee Jennings, Mister Huey, and ribbon artists...
    these roses are done with 7 gypsies paper.

     this amazing French artist...

    and Dina  : .)

    half my list done : .)

    Sunday, September 04, 2011

    I ate HAGGIS!

    I went to the Scottish Highland Games with Vicki and David today!

    I ate HAGGIS!!! hee!

    it tasted like meat loaf.  I don't get why most everyone thinks its disgusting!

    we saw this Celtic trance band, Brother and another band called Albannach.
    some drums, some didgeridoo, some bagpipes.  awesome!

    hot, dreadlocked sound guy in kilt!!!

    the birds of prey show (hot falconer with red tailed hawk, do you see a theme here? : .)

    I learned the McGregor plaid colors.  I bet you didn't know I was a bit Scottish didya?!  

    we also watched Scottish dancers and bagpipers.  lots of men in kilts playing bagpipes!!! : .)

    I had a great time!!!

    I caught up on my True Blood viewing.  
    Candace put a happy face on my EGTL today!!!  I love her!!!

    Saturday, Jorge dragged me on Jorge and I went on a (20 mile, ouch!) bike ride in Alviso.  
    what's cool about Alviso is its history, along with it wetlands, which is home to many species
    of beautiful birds (and gnats.  lots of 'em).

    yacht club shot using Jorge's iPhone apps!  very cool, yeah?!

    I've got some art planned for my xtra day off tomorrow.  I'm so excited for another day to play!

    Happy Labor Day!