Friday, September 23, 2011

cuando los lagartos corren

on Tuesday, my trainer told me I could work out on Friday...

on Thursday on my way home from work, I saw the dirt bike police on my regular trail.

that made me anxious, 
so I decided to hike Rancho instead...

just my luck, there were signs posted all over 
that recently there was
a mountain lion encounter.
not a sighting,
an encounter!

to be honest, I was surprised at the postings.
I've often seen parts of deer on the trail which means 
some big predator was there!

maybe a deer "encountering" a mountain lion isn't as important
as a human 'encountering" one...

hard to decide which is more scary,
two legged predators vs 4 legged predators?!

my favorite loop was blocked off, so I headed up the hill.
anxiously listening for every noise and thinking all the while 
what is a mountain lion's range???
just because they block off one trail, 
doesn't mean that the lion won't go to the other trails,
not like he reads the signs!!!
I was debating the intelligence of being on the trail
with the mountain lions!

got startled twice by this:

Momma was right.on.the.trail!!!
so cool!
(she's far away here 'cause she ran up the trail when I got my phone out...)

as I was doing my second loop (I was supposed to walk for 2 hours!!!)
I kept seeing baby lizards running this way and that!!! 

there were a lot of flies, can you see two on my sweaty face?


it was about 90 degrees, but it was beautiful.  

I got nothing else going on this weekend except a Starbucks run,
another workout,
some Dr. Who & 
maybe some ART!!! 


happy Friday!!!  : .)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Those signs would freak me out! Loveeeeee the photos and YAY for Starbucks! :):):):):):):):):):):)