Sunday, September 18, 2011

H2O Polo Tourney

"My 6 foot tall baby" Ian decided to play water polo for his high school team
the Rio Raiders this year. 

There was a tournament locally, so mom Karen made the trip with him to watch.

It was my first experience watching water polo, pretty darn exciting!!!

(Sneebert is #16, hanging onto the clipboard in this shot!)


Look how far the goalkeeper is out of the water!!!

Karen & I took a break for lunch!
(& a trip to Ikea for drapes!!! LOL!)

Yum...goat cheese, walnuts, and lardons (bacon!!!)

Ian was asked to film the second game. 

Lots more action!!!

Such intensity!!!

In the end, Rio took 3rd place in the tournament 
(in a final game against De la Salle)!!! 
A good showing, I think!!!

I also dragged Karen to Sbuxs and the local flea market where we scored some good bits!
Me, a Jonathan Adler designed for Sbuxs travel mug for a $1,
(yeah, I paid $20 for one when they first came out last Xmas!), 
and a plastic picture frame...
Karen an exercise ball and Beanie Babies for her niece!
She'd never been to a flea market, can you imagine?!  LOL!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwww! That looks awesome! What a workout! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Marit said...

Those boys are so young, energetic and athletic... I'm jealous! Love the pics Phin! And YEAY for flee markets! Hope you're doing right dear. Oh, btw, I used a 'clear fashion lady' on my weekly page in my art journal - it's on my blog. Thanks again for the goodies you sent, I love them all!

Patricia said...

Talk about could be a sports commentator...seriously! I mean, okay, I don't like sports, but you got me excited!

That food looks so yummy...and I still can't believe you found that mug for $1. Hope the drapes look great in your room!!!

Patricia said...

OH, Emma is here...she asked what I'm doing..."typing to my friend, Linda." Did you know? She also has a friend named Linda! Ha!