Sunday, September 04, 2011


I went to the Scottish Highland Games with Vicki and David today!

I ate HAGGIS!!! hee!

it tasted like meat loaf.  I don't get why most everyone thinks its disgusting!

we saw this Celtic trance band, Brother and another band called Albannach.
some drums, some didgeridoo, some bagpipes.  awesome!

hot, dreadlocked sound guy in kilt!!!

the birds of prey show (hot falconer with red tailed hawk, do you see a theme here? : .)

I learned the McGregor plaid colors.  I bet you didn't know I was a bit Scottish didya?!  

we also watched Scottish dancers and bagpipers.  lots of men in kilts playing bagpipes!!! : .)

I had a great time!!!

I caught up on my True Blood viewing.  
Candace put a happy face on my EGTL today!!!  I love her!!!

Saturday, Jorge dragged me on Jorge and I went on a (20 mile, ouch!) bike ride in Alviso.  
what's cool about Alviso is its history, along with it wetlands, which is home to many species
of beautiful birds (and gnats.  lots of 'em).

yacht club shot using Jorge's iPhone apps!  very cool, yeah?!

I've got some art planned for my xtra day off tomorrow.  I'm so excited for another day to play!

Happy Labor Day!


Amy Lynne said...

Good Gravy, you have a fun life. I want to try haggis (wait....I think?) and trance out to some celtic music! I think I'm going to come and visit you!! :D
Great pictures friend!!

Patricia said...

I LOVE Celic festivals! And what is that haggis? is that the stomach stuff? Okay, you are brave! And what is EGTL? Loving the SB cup. I think I need to go on a hike with you. One day, we're journey to your neck of the woods...