Sunday, October 16, 2011

illuminating the nite!

why is this important you ask?

my first "race" in a year.  

you know, the year that's been fraught with injuries, pain, PT, trainers, pity, and a flabby belly. (gak!)

in typical Linda manner, I almost talked myself out of going.  

mostly b/c I would be by myself, (no different than usual) 
I'm glad I made myself participate!

there was so much energy and exuberance in the air,
funky music!
happy kids and twenty somethings, not so many adults.

we were encouraged to light up the night!  
part of our swag was blinking L.E.D. bracelets! 
and if it lights up and blinks, I LOVE it!!!
 almost everyone had xtra lit accoutrement! 

firefly logo...

some random runners...

running down the main drag in San Jose in the dark with dancing LEDs all around you...


there was a downside to the evening... 
 Dr. Andre (my chiro) called right b/4 the race
with lower bowl tixs to the Sharks game to give away.


oh well.
so much freedom and joy experienced, 
I had such a great run!
it was worth missing a Sharks game!
: .)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds awesome except the part of missing the game!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Tonya said...

You were so close to me! :)

jamie said...

glad you went...for your sanity!!