Tuesday, December 27, 2011

(You're) The Devil in Disguise

 Its day #3 for Marit's Top 2000 Musical Blog Party!!!

I chose to do
Elvis Presley's (You're) The Devil in Disguise.

I remembered that Lil Dubin's dad long ago
had sent me this great pix he altered.

It definitely refllects Lil Dubin's personality!
: .P

*     *     *     *     *

 I also finished my December Daily album... 
I have to admit, I am happy to be done!


Christmas ornament from my manager.
Its an upcycled can, twisted around a tree frame.
(I forgot to take a pix of it on the 16th, and
isn't it weird to see my thumb twice in the same photo???)

 A card from my friend Erik, 
the "magic" of Christmas!

This is my trainer, Rommell.
He must have been in a really good mood on training day
because he was FULL OF SASS
and gave me a hard time
the entire session!!!
All in good fun, of course!
(And yes, I gave it right back!)

On the 21st, one of the engineers at work threw a Festivus party.  
I made sour cream butter spritz cookies to share with the party-goers : .)

A spare page, I couldn't leave it blank!

My first day of vacation.  
I got a bunch of long term items checked off my to-do list!!!
I totally procrastinated on sending packages.
I dread the lines at the P.O.
It must have been my lucky day,
b/c I was in & out in TEN minutes!!!

As I mentioned in this post, P told me about this song, 
so I had to include it in my DD.

On Christmas Eve, I took a little jog.  
I woggled 8 miles, for the first time in a year!  

December 25th ~ me & my tree!!!
Underneath this photo is another irreverent shot of me with tree, 
 South Park style ; .P

And the cover, tah-dah!!!


Patricia said...

Wow! You have BEEN busy! Finished the DD, Marit's Blog Party! Girl! Okay, I love how your book came out...styling next to the tree, you even got Rommell!

And that piece for Marit's blog party is seriously creepy good! The PERFECT photo. And cool letters...did you already have those???

All right, gotta check out your other stuff as it seems I'm behind already ;)

Danica said...

your December album absolutely marvelous & merry!!!

and your trainer is yummy ; )

jamie said...

Merry Christmas!!! She makes her to-do list into art--how fun!! Nice picture of you by the tree--"Holiday card?"