Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This is why I know we are related...

This is my cousin Ann and I in line for the new Star Tours ride at Disneyland.
(It was 3D...Honestly people, do you really think 
I'd wear such flashy designer sunglasses?
I am not so cool!  Sheesh! : .P)

I  think we look a lot alike, don't you?!

This is Alex, 
Ann's zombie. 
(You can get your very own right here!)
He's on the rear deck of her car.
I told her he probably needs 1 million SPF sunscreen...
you know, to protect him from 3rd degree sunburn, uh err...

Creepy yeah?

Yep...Ann & me, we're related  ; .P


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh that would totally freak me out! LOL! :):):):):):)

Marit said...

OHMY, that would scare the hell out of me! I came to wish you a happy new year and you post this kind of freaks... HAAA... glad to see 2012 didn't change you!!!! Oh, and do I see STM has the first challenge up? And do I see it is Janis?!! I hope I can find the time 'cause djeezzz... I should do Janis in my 'album cover journal'... this is the time, right?

Sharon (Fritchey) said...

FREAKY!!!!!!!! LOL! You crack me up, Linda! I can't wait to work with you again this year at STM!

Patricia said...

I think I would need a new pair of underwear! Wowweee scaryyy...

Loving the 3d shades...you have to scrap that!

jamie said...

you two do look ALIKE---had to look twice to see who was who.

Can i get a toilet zombie?
(wouldn't THAT be scary?!)