Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day!!!

Wishing my friends a
Happy Heart Day!

I hope its filled with chocolate, love & irony!

I just have to share the Valentines card I received from a sweet girl named Emma!

Me & the girl, we love our bling!!!


I gotta go take a pain pill b/4 the anesthetic wears off!
My love for the day is an ice pack!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeee the birds on the card and love love love the heart box you got!

Sharon said...

Happy belated V-Day to you, too, Phin!!!!!!! I love your card! And the heart box!

jamie said...

Happy Valentines to you--life is a party!!

rosige Zeit said...

very talented! You both...
and thanks so much for yout comment!

Marit said...

Hope you're feeling better dear! You made me smile with the 'chocolates and irony'... that's the best combination eva!

Patricia said...

ha ha...I thought to myself...hmmm has Linda posted, because you know how much I suck at reader! I LOVE my card. I want to add it to project life to see it, but I think I may have to tuck it away, because I don't want to cut it up.

I have to show Emma her card...yep, the girl loves her bling...wish I were that free with my work...but then again, it's cuter when a 3 year old does it...ha!