Thursday, March 29, 2012


I thought I blogged this on St. Patrick's Day, but evidently not!!!

(Phew, I posted the card at Facebook...I just checked over there to confirm!)

I'm losing my mind!  (Or it was a corned beef coma?!)

Anyway, what I do remember about St. Patrick's Day is that I  looked up St. Patrick on Wikipedia, are you following along here???

I was going to make Irish Soda Bread.  Finished product btw...

I renamed it Scotch Japanese Soda Bread because I once thought I was Irish, but it turns out I'm Welsh.  My Great Grandmother was a McGregor, which means I am also Scottish.  And I'm half Japanese.  "A CONTRADICTION!!!"  So, maybe I should have called it Scottish/Welsh/Japanese Soda bread, but I digress...

That made me think of the origins of Irish Soda Bread and after another search of the interwebs, I found out that the earliest recorded baking of "Irish" Soda Bread was actually done by American Indians.  uh huh.

That made me think about why St. Patrick's Day is named St. Patrick's Day and I found out that St. Patrick was kidnapped by the Irish Hoards (was there more than one group of kidnappers?  why is that plural?!) from BRITAIN.  So, the patron saint of Ireland was actually British!

That made me yell out, "IS ANYTHING WHAT IT SEEMS?!"

And now we've looped back to me losing my mind.  Did I really?  Or not???  Maybe it was the Guinness that Joey made me drink?!  : .P

All those words for this little card I did for Frantic Stamper.

I used a heart punch to make the shamrock's leaves after stamping the Frantic Stamper Cling-Mounted Rubber Stamp - Leaf Background for texture.  I created the lucky bingo card in WORD, twisted up some floral wire and added the bling after assembling the clover.  It looks like I also splattered some ink on this, probably Adirondack Color Wash in Bottle Green.  BTW - This is the third version of this card.  I didn't like the first two I made.

I think I found that cute bit of trivia about the individual clover leaves on Wikipedia too. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Scrapping the Music - Just Breathe

it's no secret that I love Eddie, so I was happy that Michelle chose Just Breathe by Pearl Jam for the Scrapping the Music challenge this week!

this video is the next best thing to hearing it sung live, solo by Eddie, seemingly to you...sigh.


I think this song has so many great lyrics, you've seen me use some before, for this:

"Stay with me, lets just breathe..."

these are lovely too...

"Love you 'til I die, meet you on the other side..."

I could go on,  I'd end up typing the entire song, but instead, I'll leave you with this:

uh huh : .)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Junonia coenia

Here's the most recent sketch posted over at the Frantic Stamper blog...

I thought I'd bust out some supplies I purchased over at the FS store to make my card, specifically some Tim Holtz tape & some 7 Gypsies rub-ons.

And I can never pass up an opportunity to educate...

from Gardens with Wings

Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia)

This butterfly is a beautiful creature that is a must-have in all butterfly gardens. It is a fabulous chestnut brown with 6 bright colorful eye spots. These smaller butterflies are quick, energetic fliers that are entertaining to watch as they flutter close to the ground. Buckeyes can be hard to see when hiding because they are very well camouflaged when they have their wings folded up, appearing as a dull brown leaf. Luckily, more times than not they will be basking in the sun showing off their colors. Gardens With Wings™ are not complete without the Buckeye fluttering around.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scrapping the Music - Leather and Lace

hey y'all!!

this week at Scrapping the Music we're doing Stevie Nicks (& Don Henley) Leather and Lace!

I was never a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan growing up, but I sure love Stevie's music now.  ironically I know so many of the lyrics!  must be from all those high school (slow) dances!

memories!!!  Jim Lipson specifically...sigh.

after I made this, I had to question what exactly was I communicating? 

are my feet fragile and I need to handle them with care

what isn't obvious is the message that my heart is fragile and I need to handle it with care. 

yeah.  that's it...

anyway, check out the design team's work and come and play along!!!

Monday, March 05, 2012

La danse de l'amour

Kathy posted a new sketch over at the Frantic Stamper blog!
I had received my Big Shot embossing & die cutting machine 
(UL LISTED, btw!)
last week
and was excited to use it to make this card.

In case you're wondering what a I'm talking about,
here's a quick video demonstrating
the Big Shot.

I love this lady's accent & I have to say, 
this is close to how I use my machine, 
& what my work area typically looks like!

The texture was created with a
Cuttlebug Floral Fantasy embossing folder,
available at the Frantic Stamper Store
and some pink cardstock.

The little flowers are punched using a McGill
Baby Blooms punch,
strung on black wire.

I also used the Frantic Stamper 
which I paper pieced.

(I stamped it several times on 
various colored papers,
cut out the pieces, 
and glued them together like a puzzle)

Its kinda cute, yeah?!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

why hello March!

seems like its starting out well!  

already better than February! 

today, I got a video birthday message from a little Southern girl,

time to celebrate!

(yep, its my birthday month too!)

had a good training session with Aurora,

 finally colored my hair,

laughed with Robby, Jason, and Michael,

got my Big Shot in the mail!

*     *     *

thot I'd start a little project too,

an ATC a day for the month of March...

: .)