Thursday, March 29, 2012


I thought I blogged this on St. Patrick's Day, but evidently not!!!

(Phew, I posted the card at Facebook...I just checked over there to confirm!)

I'm losing my mind!  (Or it was a corned beef coma?!)

Anyway, what I do remember about St. Patrick's Day is that I  looked up St. Patrick on Wikipedia, are you following along here???

I was going to make Irish Soda Bread.  Finished product btw...

I renamed it Scotch Japanese Soda Bread because I once thought I was Irish, but it turns out I'm Welsh.  My Great Grandmother was a McGregor, which means I am also Scottish.  And I'm half Japanese.  "A CONTRADICTION!!!"  So, maybe I should have called it Scottish/Welsh/Japanese Soda bread, but I digress...

That made me think of the origins of Irish Soda Bread and after another search of the interwebs, I found out that the earliest recorded baking of "Irish" Soda Bread was actually done by American Indians.  uh huh.

That made me think about why St. Patrick's Day is named St. Patrick's Day and I found out that St. Patrick was kidnapped by the Irish Hoards (was there more than one group of kidnappers?  why is that plural?!) from BRITAIN.  So, the patron saint of Ireland was actually British!

That made me yell out, "IS ANYTHING WHAT IT SEEMS?!"

And now we've looped back to me losing my mind.  Did I really?  Or not???  Maybe it was the Guinness that Joey made me drink?!  : .P

All those words for this little card I did for Frantic Stamper.

I used a heart punch to make the shamrock's leaves after stamping the Frantic Stamper Cling-Mounted Rubber Stamp - Leaf Background for texture.  I created the lucky bingo card in WORD, twisted up some floral wire and added the bling after assembling the clover.  It looks like I also splattered some ink on this, probably Adirondack Color Wash in Bottle Green.  BTW - This is the third version of this card.  I didn't like the first two I made.

I think I found that cute bit of trivia about the individual clover leaves on Wikipedia too. 


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

You made that bingo card in word? SO COOL!!! I love the little bit of trivia at the bottom! And the texture on the leaves is fabulous! Awesome card!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That card ROCKS!!! LOVING the bling... and the bread looks YUMMY!!! I am Italian/Irish/Native American... wonder what kinda bread I could make??? lol!! And ummmmmmmmmm you lift me??? Are you serious????!!!!????? I would be beyond honored!! Someone as talented as you!?!?!? EEK!!

Marit said...

You are a very special lady... Welsh? Scottisch? Japanese? WOWZAH girl, you got the whole world in your gens! (and here's me... just
Dutch... very...) I love your bingo card! It's even much better then bought ones - the text makes it very special!

Patricia said...

You goofy! Bout time u post this. Love the detail of this clovers. As clever as u write. And I think st Patrick was actually Scottish. Now I have not looked that up. That is word from a true blue scots.