Thursday, March 01, 2012

why hello March!

seems like its starting out well!  

already better than February! 

today, I got a video birthday message from a little Southern girl,

time to celebrate!

(yep, its my birthday month too!)

had a good training session with Aurora,

 finally colored my hair,

laughed with Robby, Jason, and Michael,

got my Big Shot in the mail!

*     *     *

thot I'd start a little project too,

an ATC a day for the month of March...

: .)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhh when is your bday?? I loveeeeeee your ATC... loving the pennants!

jamie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Have great month!!


Patricia said...

Happy Birthday...great idea with the ATC! March is sounding great, Linda!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Linda! I had not idea that you were 40-something, but still a baby to me as I am in my 50's!!!!!! Yep - really I am! And my hubby and I just celebrated our 22 anniversary today. Time flies . . .
Good luck with your ATC's!!!

Sharon said...

Hey Linda! I love your comments on my blog!!!! Yep - I guess I knew that John was "the one" because I took him to meet my "crazy" family on our second date!!!!! LOL!!!!!