Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scrapping the Music - Rolling in the Deep

Am I the only person in the universe who doesn't like Adele???  heh.  

Still chuckling!

Ok that said...This week's music challenge is Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Don't forget that the new format at Scrapping the Music has two parts, the music challenge and a prompt.

The prompt for this challenge is "What was the first album or song you purchased? Was it on vinyl, tape, CD, or downloaded

I went with the prompt : .) 

Ironically, I can't remember the first record album I ever bought, but I do remember the first album my Mom bought for herself.

She loved Queen's We Are the Champions & We Will Rock You.

So, I have great memories associated with these songs.  We Will Rock You has become my running anthem... I have to listen to it for motivation and inspiration before every.single.race : .)

Of course, I'm not doing very many races these days, but I still have the song on my iPod!!!

There's also a new sketch up at the Frantic Stamper blog...
I used scraps from this Authentique Loyal line over at Frantic Stamper.  I would probably use this as an anniversary card : .)

I have photos from my Texas trip, I haven't been organized enough to get a post together!  Maybe later in the week...

Happy Sunday!


Patricia said...

Ha! You know you are only the second person to not like Adele. The prompt was perfect for you. Your Mom was so cool to have picked Queen out for her first that. Special memories...definitely one that needed scrapping.

Beautiful that a two seater bike? You did awesome with those papers! Happy Sunday!

Sharon said...

I love Queen!!! Your mom was a rocker, just like you, Linda! I love the page you made - so cool! And your card is beautiful, too!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Freddy Mercury was the best vocalist ever.amen.period.

I loveeeeee your page and the card! AWESOME colors!

Marit said...

How nice that you remember your mom's first bought album! I'm sorry - I don't love queen but I do love the layout!!!

jamie said...

You and your mom rock, Linda!!!


Penny said...

I'm so NOT into Adele. No worries Phins.

ps. I love Queen. Freddie M is GOD.