Sunday, June 03, 2012

Would you call this "rust" or "sienna" or "burnt umber"?

The new Frantic Stamper sketch is up on the blog! 

Fran sent me some new Ranger Vintaj Patinas to play with.  These are permanent inks for non-porous surfaces.  All the videos on YouTube showed using the patinas with the Vintaj line of metal blanks, charms, and embossing folders, none of which I had.  During a quick brainstorm session with my friend Paul, he suggested I cut up an aluminum can to use.  That coupled with my Cuttlebug Floral Fantasy embossing folder, made the base piece so I could use the patinas. 

I was challenged here with colors that would go with "rust"...  I didn't want to go all tone-on-tone like I usually do, so I googled "rust color combos" and found this fantastic site, which showed  that "rust" went with "blue lynch".  Hummm, is that a standard color???

Anyway, I used rust and bleu grey cardstock, and the painted square with some wire and brads to make my sketch card:

: .)

By the way...Kathy also posted another card of mine on the blog on Friday.   You can go there, or you can read about it here : .P

This started out as a play on George Rodrigue's, The Blue Dog, but with a cat.  And y'all know me...I'm typically not happy with the first run of anything, so I made a "prototype":

It was too blue.  BORING...  And what the heck is up with that cartoon monster face on his chest?! 

After conferring and getting some artistic input from my graphic design friend (Michael) and one of my Starbuck's barristas/artist (Abel) I ended up with this:

(Desert Twilight/Southwestern "Its a sombrero"cat? [Abel]  Madonna  cat? [Paul] heh.)


Hey, if you're inspired, do a sketch card and email it to so Kathy can post it on the blog!!!  


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are awesome! And I vote for burnt orange!! ;)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

A card from a tin can? You rock Phin! Your rust card is gorgeous! I also love your blue cat cards - both of them actually! The second one is definitely my fave tho - love the irridescent quality!

laury55 said...

love your cards and the one with the wire is just amazing

Patricia Roebuck said...

That aluminum can has never looked better! Awesome, girl! That cat card needs to be framed...gorgeous!

jamie said...

why would you lynch blue??
what did it ever do to you??


Sharon said...

So cool, Linda!!!!! I vote for rust!!!!!! And the cat card is so gorgeous! Both are very creative and amazing!