Friday, July 13, 2012

Keep on Truckin'!!!

I went to my first street food market this evening, a fairly large gathering of gourmet fud trucks, a veritable fud fest!

A couple of my previous experiences with "roach coaches" made me never want to eat from one again (picture a dead black fly in your fried rice after you've eaten most of it, and what looks like a pubic hair under your taco. yeah. for reals), but I was convinced by my fud buddy Paul, who went last Friday, and sucked in by the extensive and varied menus...

Treatbot - ICE CREAM!!!
Sam's Chowdermobile - They had LOBSTER Rolls!!!
Curry Up Now - Indian 
No Way Jose - Mexican 
MoBowl - Various savories in a bowl 
Le Bon - Vietnamese & French cuisine 
Fairycakes - Cupcakes, what else? 
 Bigg Shrimp'n - Shrimp Po Boys 
Eat on Monday - I think this was tacos??? 
Taqueria Angelicas - More Mexican 
The Chairman - Steamed & Baked Buns 
Arabian Bites - Middle Eastern 
Jo on the Go - Coffee 
Farmers Market Express - Raw fruits & veggies...This wasn't a very popular truck, snort!  

They set out these upside down buckets to sit on...

I bet you can guess what I ate!? Really for true, an American cheese stuffed bacon burger on a glazed DONUT!!! eeeeeek!!! (Those are "loaded" tater tots...cheese, sour cream, BACON, and green onion!)

I named it the Sugar Bomb Burger

While it initially promised gustatory delight, by the time I got to the last few bites, I had to ditch the donut and finish up only the meat. Maybe it was too much after the breakfast choco old fashioned donut this morning, or it could have been washing it down with classic coke.  The tots ya think?! 

Here's Paul enjoying his Gobble Gobble Burger. (Turkey burger stuffed with provolone, arugula, finished off with garlic aioli.)

Paul also got three steamed buns from The Chairman (kinda like a Chinese taco)...pork belly with daikon (japanese pickle), Chinese five spice blend on pork and cole slaw, and braised beef with marinated carrots.

I could only take a bite of each... groan... 

We cruised the rest of the market, lo and behold, found ourselves in front of the FairyCakes truck 

You bet I found a bit of space in my dessert stomach!!!   Again, an extensive menu to choose from... Paul had a California Dreamin' which was a choco cupcake with a syrup filled center, cream cheese frosting, and graham sprinkles. I had the Vanilla Salty Caramel, which had a caramel syrup center, cream cheese frosting, salt, and I added some HAPPINESS sugar sprinkles. (Again with the sugar!!!)

Me & my full belly were pretty HAPPY by that point  : .D

I'm glad we walked to the feast from Paul's, about a mile...

I have to point out the irony that the street fud market is RIGHT.ACROSS.THE.STREET from where I see my trainer!!! (Today as a matter of fact!) 


A little spendy, but a great adventure!
Protein shakes tomorrow, but...
Lobster rolls next week!!!  heh.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...


jamie said...

so jealous!! and Happiness sprinkles, too??

Oh, my!! :o)


Patricia Roebuck said...

Okay...I don't know if sounds good or not! Oh really had a gross experience. This sounded much better, huh?! Just rich, yummy food! I love the pictures...and that one of you with the sprinkles is MY MOST FAVORITE!!! You go sprinkle fairy!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Ok Linda, you are making me sticking to my 1200 cal a day diet almost IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! LOL! I have to because my weight is going up, up, up and I need it to come down, down, down! LOL! And your previous experiences were YUCKY to say the least! (shudder!!!) Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your food market and seeing your trainer there, too!