Monday, July 02, 2012

Monkey de Los Muertos

Please note the running theme in this post if it isn't obvious to you from the start, hee!!!

Awhile back I helped fund an artist's project on Kickstarter and got this really, really cool filigree skull.

I was pretty excited to find another project to fund after reading Jenny Lawson's irreverent (I can't think of a most perfect adjective here) blog. (OMG!  I laugh hysterically every time!  Beyonce, a story for another time!)  A watercolor artist who lives in Oregon, Rachael Rossman had done a Dia de los Muertos portrait of Jenny and had submitted her project for funding to Kickstarter where she would paint your very own portrait from a photograph.


A few months later, this arrived in the mail!!!

I LoVe it!!!  I think the only thing I would have wished for is a background like the one done for MONKEY, which happened to be posted today on another of my favorite blogs, A Skull A Day.

You can see the other AMAZING DDLM portraits that Rachael has done in her gallery on her blog...
She painted a DDLM portrait of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins for a Deviant Art contest that was ultimately judged by Tim Burton himself!

She does pets too!!!

But doncha just love Munkee?  eeek!

: .)


Sharon said...

Can I say awesome?!!!!! I LOVE that painting of you! Just love it!!!!! It is so YOU, Linda!!! And the monkeys - I have to go check out both blogs now! (and thank you so much for visiting my blog - your comments always crack me up!!!! I love them!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks just AWESOME!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!

monkey said...

oh, my thanks for them mention. i have to agree with you. i think rachael's watercolors are delightful. i think she captured my true fluffiness!