Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Let the Festivities Begin!

Scrapping the Music is celebrating its 5th blogiversary!!!
Come join us to get this party started!!!

There's a  special format for the month of August 
which will include more ways to win, more prizes,  
more songs for inspiration, plus a fun guessing game!

Please stop by, check it out, and play along with us! 
We would love to see your creativity during our month-long party!!!!!


Marit said...

I recognized your layout right away, ha! Finding Michelle's was quite easy too. Now I'm still puzzling on the other ones...

Sharon Fritchey said...

Very exciting, Linda! Yay!!!!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Thank you so much, Linda!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!!! And I love your sense of humor, too! Have a great Sunday!