Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cuisine Gastronomique

As a member of the Frantic Stamper design team, one of our tasks is to color in images from the Frantic Stamper line and then use that image on a card, etc...

I have to admit that coloring is not a one of my strongest skills.

I am really, really good at construction however.

I was challenged using this Bottles stamp that Fran sent me especially since there wasn't much to "color" and well, bottles are typically clear, if you wanna see what's inside them...

But with a little brainstorming (oh and about 5 prototypes, one that included "fluid"), my construction "skillz" came into play, and I came up with an IDEA!!!

I first stamped the image on acetate.

Then twice on laid cardstock.

Finally, I stamped each of the 5 bottle toppers on different colored cardstock.

I colored in all of the herbs & garlic and cut them out.  Yes, I did.

Then I cut out all the bottles as one piece and layered the colored pieces on the complete bottle piece.

I cut out the clear image from the acetate and layered that over that.

I cut out all the bottle toppers and layered those on top.  Nevermind that those pieces were incredibly tiny and my upclose eyesight is starting to fail.

I stamped the Tim Holtz tile stamp and the Curtis Uyeda dragonfly on a folded card and layered the bottles on top using double-stick foam tape for height.

The shadows behind the bottles was a happy accident of the photography.  I was so tickled! I think that just makes the card...So cool!

 yep, yep, yep!

In other good news:  I rode bikes with the boys at lunch today for the first time in a year and a half, and I kept up!!!  eeeeeek!  I AM stronger.  I guess that trainer is worth it!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Girl... you have more patience than me!! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeee this!! Those bottles are awesome!!!!

Sharon Fritchey said...

You go, STRONG girl!!!!! The trainer is definitely worth it. I want one, now!!!!! And wowza! I love your card, so much. YOu are so creative and talented, Linda! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Patricia Roebuck said...

I am tired just hearing how you put this amazing card together. VERY cool! Yay to the training

laury55 said...

I am not good at coloring...and your idea is just fantastic, very clever indeed!!! love your card