Sunday, September 16, 2012


Best airport welcome, EVER!

Best seafood mufalatta & deep fried pickles, EVER!

Best first Auntie & Em photo, EVER!

Best trip across the longest continuous bridge (Lake Pontchartrain Causeway), EVER!

Best first look at New Orleans, EVER!

Best moment of knowing my Soul Sista and I are on the same wavelength, 
EVER! (Restroom photo shoot!)

Best ceiling and entry decor in a trashy tourist voodoo shop, EVER!!!

Best place to get beignets, EVER!!!  (Café du Monde.)

Best hurricane, EVER!!!  (Pat O'Brians.  dude.  4 shots of booze!)

Best grilled oysters, EVER!!!  (Acme Oyster House.)

Best giant metal chicken experience, EVER!!!  (He's wearing mardi gras beads, eek!!!)

Best first time on the landing of a voodoo shop, EVER!!!

Best haunted tour guide, EVER!!! (Earnest, so funny, so passionate, so knowledgeable!)

Best cemetery tour, EVER!!

Best offerings to a deceased voodoo queen, EVER!!! (Marie Laveau's crypt.)

Best "whaaa???!!!" moment in a cemetery, EVER!!! (Nick Cage's tomb.)

Best post-haunted tour spicy bloody mary, EVER!!! (Coop's Place on Decatur!)

Best at home goofing off moments with a 4 year old, EVER!!!

Best southern belles, EVER!!!

Best rendition of "On the Bayou", EVER!!! (Live music on the river @ Friends!)

Best southern hospitality and kindness I've EVER experienced!!!  
P, you Dennis & Em are the greatest!!! : .)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thinking you had the best time ever!! Glad you got to meet Patricia!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Ohhhh WHAT FUN!!!! Looks like you had such an awesome time!!!!!

Marit said...

OHMAN... am I seeing green now... so jealoussssss... I wanna go there too!

Patricia Roebuck said...

Awwww, so sweet! So glad you could come down!!!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like I was there with you guys! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Patricia's neck of the woods with us!!!!!