Saturday, January 26, 2013

well hello there!!!


my holiday vacation was way too short!

and now, we're almost at the end of January.
whaaaa?!   2013 is already screaming by!

its all been a whirlwind!

work has been crazy busy. 

I'm trying to train for Santa Cruz half marathon which is in April.  huff-huff-huff!!!

what else?!

the gorgeous KG came for a quick visit...

(um, those are protein shakes!!!
and that's my Bite Me! hat, but you can't see that, darnit!)

I went to Sac to spend New Year's with one of my besties, Karen.

 (CHICKEN!!!  I just love the Vintage Cam app on my iPhone!)

aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd  EEK!  Sharmaine Krujiver came to visit me from Tasmania!!!

I got to CRAFT with SHARMAINE KRUJIVER!!!  it was a dream come true!!!

I got insight into her artistic process! she shared some of her favorite techniques!


December and January really couldn't have been better!!!

in crafty news...


ok, not really, but I was published in a Dutch art 'zine 
owned by one of my favorite artists Marit Barentsen.  
you know Marit, 
where I've been participating the past 3 years. 

 (perusing my 'zine and watching hockey, GO SHARKS!!! : .)

the current issue of Featuring includes an article and 
highlights some of the pieces submitted to the musical blog party.

 including my "I just haven't met you yet"
I'm so honored to be published in Marit's 'zine!!!

I attempted a December Daily, but failed miserably.
I just lost interest...

 I did a couple of MM Icon heads inspired by this pix that Patricia took at the Disney Store.

more recently, I've worked on several Valentines cards,
(which of course I can't show, just in case!)
and this piece inspired by 
Evanescence's song Tourniquet...

making me miss Scrapping the Music!!!

ok, February... please treat me good!  : .)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

in my heart : .)

Take your pick, Rod Stewart or Phil Collins!

Me, Lil Dubin, and the Baby Mermaid @ Disneyland this past Thanksgiving
posing for the traditional Mickey Mouse icon head shot.

A final piece for the Frantic Stamper Design team.

And yes, I cut out of those strung hearts!

We're soooo cute!!!