Saturday, February 09, 2013

imma be spreadin' my wings!

last weekend while I was trudging along on the trail, 
Fergie in my ear, I was inspired to do this piece.
but days... 
it took me days to finish this!
I dunno either, I just couldn't get the text to work for me!  

I love this song...

Imma be takin' them pics,
 lookin' all fly and shit.
Imma be the flyest chick (so fly).
Imma be spreadin' my wings,
Imma be doin' my thing (do it do it - okayy).

the bkgnd was created with these Alisa Burke stamps.
(she pretty regularly makes and restocks these.)
I then stuck tissue paper down with gel medium.
on top of that is gesso, then spray ink, then the stamped tiny dragonflies.
there's a bit of TH clear crackle under my dragonfly lady's feet.
don't you think she has a fabulous figure?!
the wings are Stampers Anonymous/Tim Holtz.
oh, I used some of Tim's distress inks also!    

some days I really miss Scrapping the Music!


Sharon Fritchey said...

I really miss Scrapping the Music, too. This page reminds me so much of our fun blog and it is so YOU, my friend! I love everything about it!! Thanks for telling us how you did it, too. As I am just learning and every little tip helps! Hey, my husband and I lived in Salinas, Ca, near Monterey. It was so beautiful there!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Ohhh this makes me miss STM too! Beautiful beautiful page Phin! I love the detail of the crackle under the beautiful fairy woman's feet. Gorgeous work!

laury55 said...

fantastic, love your work and the background is wonderful

Marit said...

LOVE the colours and that stamp is really gorgeous... great page Phin!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Linda! Just stopping by to say HI!!!!!

Patricia Roebuck said...

I love seeing you have fun with art and doing your thing. The attention to detail you out into one piece, you out yourself into it...and that takes time...all of that is into one piece. Gorgeous! Love all the layers, colors, stamping! The lyrics are perfect. You hand wrote that on there? You are brave.