Saturday, March 09, 2013

‎"exercising" demons

10 miles today friends! 
(first 10 miler in 2.5 years!) 
may I please have a collective 
"you go girl!" 
with a fist pump?!
(in training for Santa Cruz half marathon!  eeek!)

: .P

yeah, yeah, yeah!  
too much has happened and I didn't feel like talking about it.
but I have done some art...

went hiking Mission Peak with the boys from work.
Paul took this shot of me & Abdul at the top.

 you can't tell that its about 43 degrees out, 
and windy.
brrrrr!!!  LOL!!!

we have cows!!!  
(yes P, I bought the farm animal veneer, just for the cows! : .)

Paul & I were discussing how fortunate we were to be fit and active,
and have the most beautiful places to work out!

another day in paradise!

this next piece was inspired by 
Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick

someone asked me if I was angry when I made it...
mostly just frustrated...
and I couldn't get the lyrics out of my head.

also been doing a little reading about the concept of
loving-kindness, maitri
and vulnerability...

"When we lay wide open with our hearts completely present,  
it is the most accurate measurement of courage." 

That is really, really hard...

I practiced this.  
it didn't make for the outcome I wanted, but I wouldn't change a thing.
and I'll keep trying.