Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Stuffs

Its nice to have "nothing" to do, once in awhile. "Nothing" taking me away from home.

Saturday: Starbucks, journaling, errands @ Target, ART!
Sunday: Gym for step class, Starbucks, more errands, ART!

Ok, that's not all I did...Fashion ATCs (artist trading cards) for a swap, that's the sneaky up there, laundry (sigh. necessary!), baking chocolate chip cookies (uh, eating cookie dough, never mind the raw eggs!!!), "Heal Quick" card for a SiSta at SIStv who broke her arm (also above). Got great news from the MadMonk and Run Mike who ran Big Sur International Marathon today and finished strong!

Not such an exciting weekend, so much what I needed this weekend!

Next weekend is the Maker Faire! Yay!!! And National Scrapbook Day celebration at my local scrapbook store, double yay!!! Full on weekend with my Soul Sista, MadRetz!

Sharks are on, game 2 against the Dallas Stars, gotta go watch!!!

Good week to you all!!!

Residual Haunting (NC-17 Rating)

Inspired by moments of intense emotion, echos of past events, and
the CD liner and lyrics to "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge.

I need an exorcism, STAT!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Accoutrements of Youthful Subculture - I *HEART* My Docs!

Bloggy-land has numerous scrapbook challenge sites. Category Stories is one of these sites.

The prompts for the the CS challenges are posted bi-monthly, and have included: "Relaxin""What would you do with a cool Million?" and "Best Day Ever," to name a few.

I'm always intimidated by the enormously talented scrap artists who post at these sites, however, since my personal mantra is "do something every day that scares you," I decided to post a layout to Category Stories, who's current challenge is Shoes - "what are they to you? Do you love wearing them, loathe shopping for them, or fall over in pure bliss when you find that most fab pair of sliver ballet flats with the cute leather detailing and buckle on the side.......(ok, um, that last one may have just been me...*ha*)"

What woman can resist talking about her shoes?!

My favorite shoes ever are actually boots. Dr. Martens boots to be specific. The journaling reads:

"I couldn’t part with my first pair of Dr. Martens until the soles were worn thru and the uppers cracked beyond repair. I didn’t get rid of them until I couldn’t deal with cold, wet feet any longer. My current pair have been constant companions on many adventures, treading many miles & dancing for hours in underground clubs. I LOVE these boots."

(Click on the image to view it larger!)

Edited: I just remembered a related Doc Martens story. My Dad's (conservative) cousins visited San Diego from Ohio and their 18 year old son had recently joined the Navy, on the side became a punker, and bought his first pair of Doc Martens. My sister told Cousin Janet, "You know, Linda got her nose pierced and it all started with 'those' (docs)."

Yeah, I'm such a rebel! haha!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SHARKS Rockin' the Tank!

San Jose's beloved Los Tiburones advanced in the playoffs last night after beating the Calgary Flames 5 to 3 in a historic first time 7th game played on home ice.

Oh man was it loud!!! Even Paul was so excited he jumped up and down with joy and if you knew Paul... hee!!!

GOOOOOOOO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Skunk Boy and the Running Monkeys

The weekend in review...

I ran in "The Relay." Remember back to April 2006? The Relay is Calistoga to Santa Cruz, 12 peeps, 2 vans, 199 miles, 2 days, 24 stinky armpits, 0 sleep, and multiple porta-potties. (Ewwww!!!) The Running Monkeys came in 76th out of 2o2 teams!!! A big difference from being 5th from last, in 2006.

My legs this year totaled 13.9 miles: 4.7, 5, and 5.6 miles. Along with a team of younguns, I kicked butt!!! I ran my fastest race paces since 2001! I had a great time hangin' with the kids, laughing and causing general sleep-deprived mayhem. I think the best moment was hearing about Mark's San Francisco run, where he had to hurdle a skunk and ended up getting sprayed anyway. Evidentially, his van captain thot it would be a good idea to spray him down again with Febreeze. Evidentially, that ended up smelling like poopy-diapers! They finally tied his shoes to the luggage rack on their van. I am still laughing. I am so glad I didn't have that encounter!

Good times!!!

The Relay is also for a good cause, Organs R Us. This year online fundraising generated $213,106.78. Wow! I don't think they're done calculating yet.

Big thanks and hugs to my fantastic friends who donated towards this worthy cause and my team. You ROCK!!!

Hummm...what's next?! : .)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

13 is My Lucky Number!

They only give medals to the FINISHERS!!!



13.1 miles!!!

I can hardly contain my excitement!!!

{See Linda JUMPING UP & DOWN in happiness!!!}

(If you recall this from the same time last year [paragraph 8] you know why completing this race is such a huge accomplishment for me!)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Would Chuck Taylor Wear These?

But they're cute, Yeah?!

Happy Monday People!!!

Habe a gud week!!! : .)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

This Love Has Got No Ceiling

The man's voice and lyrics vibrate your core.

(You can find out more about him here.)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let Me Introduce You to My New Little Friend

I'm in LOVE!!!

My city has an "ahem," hard water problem. Supah hard water. I think its so strong it attracts dirt.

If there's one thing I can't stand, its a dirty bathroom and I've been slacking in the cleaning department lately, but only because I haven't found anything that would remove the scale, the gak, the grossness.

I dove into Smart & Final. You'd think I would have tried there before as its only 2 blocks from my house, but, I don't get to that strip mall often. Luring me from the shelf with its siren song was this beauty.

It'll take some elbow grease and multiple applications, but already parts of my shower doors are sparkling!

No harsh chemicals, no phosphorous, ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly, does not cause you to pass out within 3 seconds of being in its presence.

Love, love, LOVE!!!

(Really now...I gotta get out more! : .|)