Monday, July 28, 2008

warped sense of humor?!

Call Ripley's!!! This is Karen's wonky toe! (Hi Karen! : .) She broke a long time ago, didn't know it and it healed, but the bone is in 2 pieces. Now her pinky toe does this weird bendy thingy.
She can bend it at a right angle! Seriously!


Engaged in some experimental cooking this evening. Wanted Shepherd's Pie, but instead of using instant mashed potatoes, I bot instant mashed yams. Next time I'll read the ingredients...Shepherd's Pie isn't so tasty with sugar and cinnamon flavored mashed yam topping. ergph!!! ick! Definitely an unusual taste sensation! 3 more servings, want some?!

My ears and nose are plugged. Not a good sign. Something must be blooming. I can barely hear out of my L ear. Must take more supplements, allergy meds, what?!?!?!?!


5 good things about today!

1) Litehouse "Lite" Bleu Cheez Vinaigrette dressing. I think its being discontinued tho' : .(
{Yesssss, I am constantly thinking about fuds!}
2) Received Juno ATCs! Rockin' art!
3) RAK from Susan & Gina! Gnome playing cards and glitter butterfly stickers!
4) IM from Ben!
5) Edward, swoon!

1 comment:

Sharmaine said...

What is this... 3 posts in 3 days?? YIPEEEEE!!!!
Ouch to the toe, yes it made me ouch lol
Hmmm to the Yams... We had shep' pie last week, is a fave and I love it cos I just use left overs in it, love cutting corners ;)