Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Girl G is Visitin'!

Danielle is here for a short visit! I call her Girl G b/c I was told that everyone on a hockey team calls the goalie, "G," when they don't know their name. So...established: Danielle is a girl and she plays netminder in ice hockey. She's one tough cookie! Her goal is to deny yours!!! LOL!

Danielle used to live in the Bay Area, but she abandoned me for love and a life in a smoggy, congested region of the state, otherwise known as Los Angeles. Hopefully in the near future she and the significant other will move back to NorCal and make me really happy.

Had dinner with and will then be off with to watch Jimmy (you know, MadRetz's hubby) in an ice hockey scrimmage with the team GG used to stand in for goal. Maybe hottie ice hockey boy Calvin will be playing tonight and distract me from frostbite!

Could it get any better???

Happy, happy!!! : .)

The photo is of the two of us in 2005 when we went to the OC so GG could try out for the USA Women's Olympic ice hockey team!


Patricia said...

Hi!!! Saw your post on Sharmaine's blog and wanted to stop by and say Hi to you!!!

Lisa said...

aww how fun! enjoy your time with your friend! it's always so much fun to reconnect with close friends who have moved away!