Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

Some recent art:

Album for "The Art is Found." I may never complete a challenge, but I like how the cover turned out! Tattoo fabric as seen on SiljeVanilje's blog, (the pencil roll) stitched with felt for a quilted look. The flower was made with the same fabric, button/brad/bling, felt, and netting.

I've also posted pixs of the "Grow" album I made out of a kit I purchased at Picture Me perfect. I changed the title to say "Sweet Life." Maya road tree album, various papers, embellies...All about me!

CD embellies we made at stamp club last...painted CD pieces, buttons, glitter glue, bling, and stamps.

Did you miss me??? I popped out for a quick 5 mile run...Do any of you know why people would just sit in their cars parked by the side of the road? Its a conundrum.

Nikki Peterson's Journey album class was very cool! I didn't get a chance to take pixs MandyKay, I'll try to do it tomorrow : .) I stayed at the store and cropped, got most of Ragged's album done.

Today, I also got a bee in my bonnet (hee!) and made an album out of envelopes from my personal mail. Recycle yeah!!! Landfill, no!!! I added my favorite bits from my stash, favorite quotes, and some photos. I'll try to photograph that later too. It turned out rather neat!!!

I got tagged to play this lil online game by MandyKay , but since I've done this already, I'm gonna change some of the questions...Tagees, feel free to answer which ever questions you prefer!

Game guidelines:

Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names with links to their blog, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.

Question #1
What was I doing 10 months ago? (Original Q: What was I doing 10 years ago?)

Hoping to get the all clear to run from the HOT Dr. Steve. That was a negative, Ghostrider.

Question #2
5 things on my to do list for today:

Journal and chai @ Starbucks, art, art, art, run
: .) Is there anything else?

Question #3
Snaks I enjoy:

Clementines...ok, most fruit, Jamba Juice, cupcakes, toast or tortillas with butter.

Question #4
Things I would do if I were a millionare:

Buy a house, travel to Ireland/Wales, Greece, Japan, donate to a literacy type cause.

Question #5
Places I have traveled to by plane in the past 5 years: (Original Q: Places I have lived.)

Chicago, IL; Research Triangle Park, NC; Portland, OR; Mexico City, Mexico; Kempner, TX; Kauai, HI; Paris, and various cities in the South of France.

Ok so my 4 tagees are...

Willow Grace [Mad]
Madame Cupcake [Lisa]
So Dear to My Heart [Linda]
Write On [Ragged]

Of course, if you'd like to play along...Rock on!!!

Ok, and enough with the fireworks people. The 4th is O.V.E.R. Did you know that Big Sur is STILL burning?! Sheesh!!! (Off my pedestal now!)

Habe a gud week, Friends!!! : .)

Edited: I forgot my 5 things for today...

1. protein/fruit shakes
2. the realization of how far I've come in my running since last year!
3. memories of my mom
4. new bras, jeans, and blouses (I went shopping, even tho' I only like to shop for scrapbook supplies)
5. I decided "not" to get a donut this morning, LOL!!!


Sharmaine said...

Wow!! Lookee what you made!! Can't wait to see the envelope album, clever you!!!!
oh and shhh I said phew when I wasn't tagged lol

Anonymous said...

You have been one BUSY girl!!! Love the album cover! the fabric the buttins and the especially the netting. I had my dad go through the garbage before he threw it away so I could get some that he got at Costco when he bought some mellons! Love netting!
The tree album is darling too!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your creations. I've been wanting to do an evelope album too, hurry and post yours so I can get some good ideas!


Lisa said...

*sigh* you are fabulous! :) love love looooove your trashed recycled envelope mini. so so cool. i may have to snag that idea! and i'm so lovin the butterflies all over the place!

thanks for tagging me lovie! right on top of it! :)))