Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

I forgot to extend 2 projects for work. the brain reminded me AFTER THE FACT with a bolt upright bodily reaction at 4:23 AM. still reeling from the shock of it all. I'm gonna be tired today.

the good news is I achieved consensus on the projects without knowing. I just checked. so all of the above was for nothing.

shower now. lotion, perfume, dress, brush, blow dry and off to GET A CHAI with 100 mg of caffeine. I may need a cup of earl grey green tea after that, then a cup of good earth's spiced tea, then a cup of jasmine tea. then maybe a ROCKSTAR too from vendoland, if there's pomegranate. oooh, the roach coach sells rockstar. yay for rockstar, yay for the roach coach.

can you just feel the enthusiasm?

I think I'll go to Maple Leaf and get donuts for my work peeps too. chocolate old fashioned. yeah.

habe a gud day, Amigos!!!


Lisa said...

dude, those moments majorly suck. and they *always* happen in the middle of the night where your heart is in your throat and you can't even remember what day it because you're so tired and you feel like you have to do something NOW but you can't. yep, those moments suck.

good luck with the caffiene fix! have a good day darling :)

Sharmaine said...

turn that tea into coffee and I am there!!!
did a wiki for you
Let me know if you can't get them and I might just have to mail you a pack ;)

Linda said...

I HATE when that happens! But the liquid motivation part all sounds good! Hope you got er done!