Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It almost sounded like a DARE!!! (Dedicated to Sharmaine!)

Hey Sharmaine!!! Post #4!!! And I must say, great minds think a like! I took this photo in Karen's Mom's garden last Friday. The diffraction of the light made me think of you, just like the sunrises from my front door. Synchronistic that we took a similar picture and my picture made me think of you?

Diffraction is a cool word. So is flocculation. I know it sounds bad, but flocculation is actually a scientific term! Of course, if you were really feeling sassy, you could say "FLOC YOU!" but then you'd be talking about clumping together or precipitation and I think that would take the fun out of saying the word! Talk about synchronicity, I first learned about flocculation when I went to NASA with my co-workers and then it appeared again in a document I'm reviewing for bottled water (and a really cool work opportunity!)

OK, enough science. On to paranormal science...

I'm gonna see the X-File movie on Thursday, especially as I perceive myself as being a bit of an X-Phile. I had the opportunity to show off my X-File (Phile?) knowledge when my cousin called yesterday and asked which X-Files episode was about the Peacock family. I pulled the title out of thin air...Home! whoo!!! I was so impressed with myself!!! I could not name the season, however, but IMDB provided that info in a jiffy.

ok, enough self-promotion!!! ow, ow! I got a cramp patting myself on the back!!! LOL!!!

5 good things for today...

1) No line at Starbucks this morning.
2) Watching a bird swoop from a ledge and catch a snak mid-air!
3) Wind whistling thru the leaves in the trees outside the office.
4) (As of this afternoon) No injuries from the So. Cal earthquake! 5.6 magnitude?!
5) 30 minute run on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical. (But why oh why am I running on the treadmill when the weather outside is sooooo beautiful?!)

Half way thru the week tomorrow! Yippee!!! : .)


Sharmaine said...

Well I am in shock! 4 posts... will this ever end ;) hehe
Your photo is cool, your vocab is amazing and I hope that cramp didn't last too long ROFLMOL!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

dude, spiderweb pictures are cool! they're tricky to capture!

i saw x-files last weekend. it was good...but more like a long episode to me. nothing too exciting. but if you're a big fan, then i would totally recommend seeing it. have fun! :))