Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Laser Music Video?!

Radiohead did this laser music video for their song, House of Cards.

That means no cameras!!! So very cool!!!

All you musically inclined geeky types, you can also download their data as noted here to play around with and create your own video to post on a utube group!

Thanks for the scoop, Bill!!!

Oh, and saw The Dark Knight. It was veeerrrryyy dark. I got so sad at the end too, can't really explain why. Maybe because of Heath. Anyway, disturbing too. This movie so should have been rated R.

Five things for today...
1) Warmer weather (more like summer!)
2) Understanding co-workers
3) Phone call from Dub-ya!
4) Eloise
5) Pancakes


Patricia said...

OMG, that Radiohead video is so freaky cool looking! Oh, I want to see Dark Knight too, but I think I'll wait to get it through Netflix. I already get sad thinking about Heath, so thanks for the heads up.

Linda said...

That is freakin cool! I need to put that on my blog! I so likey what you likey! Love it!! TFS!!