Friday, February 12, 2010

ok keeeds!

you asked and you get!

how do you feel about the power?!

here's your pixs!

famous cookies made from ground up hearts torn from x-lovers.

(just kidding! or not! LOL!)

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I thot the white nonpareils were such the Martha touch!

o.m.g! these are sooo gooooood!

I think I ate a half dozen!

I saw Kath @ lunch today.

she said that she had leftovers and did I want them for dinner???

I asked what she had, and she said "oh, its not very healthy.
its a Greek dish Pastitsio, with béchamel sauce."

and I said, "hand it over Babe!"

ahhhh, I am sooooo spoiled!

Kath & the husband Bob are gor-met chefs!!!


happy stomach!

who needs a Valentine when you have béchamel sauce!


I worked with these "older" women at a Hallmark store long ago.

they said that calzones (from Round Table Pizza) were better than sex.

now I know exactly what they meant! LOLOLOLOL!!!

I got plans for the weekend...running of course, gym workout of course, Avatar 3-D viewing, wine & chocolate tasting at J. Lohr, then Sunday, I'll most happily be hanging on my own : .)

I also have homework...sigh. and ATCs for a trade to do. laundry. sticking things on my walls...

oh, oh, oh. more than I want to think about!!!

as I mentioned yesterday, it was a tough week, so I'll close with some of the good things from this week..

1) run with Speedy!
2) chai latte from SBuxs
3) appt with Dr. Steve, soft tissue work and rock tape
4) cookies
5) gud fuds and gud friends
6) phone call from my Linda
7) getting my computer back from the repair shop
8) new running shoes on order (I got busted for wearing my current pair since July! see #3)
9) bloggy comments! love you guys! and new bloggy pal, Penny!
10) subversive X stitch, some of you should be watching your mailboxes!

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment! I think I need another cookie!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhh those cookies look yum!!! have a great weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

jamie said...

asked and we received!! yum!!

Anonymous said...

So THOSE are the cookies! Girl your blog is making me hungry! Pastitsio, with béchamel sauce, Calzones! Stop with the food! STOP IT! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OH MAN I am SO all over the subversive X stitch stuff! Thanks a lot for that too!! Another hobby I don't have time for! LOVE YOU!!

Penny said...

ooooooo New shoes, cookies and snail mail!!
I am sooo jealous!!

Those cookies scream Martha! I love them :)


Happy Valentines Day love bug!