Sunday, December 18, 2011

DD aka December Daily

after two other sputtering stops and starts, then deciding to abandon the project altogether, only to change my mind (I'm a Pisces, what can I say?!), I finally have begun my December Daily album.

all the cool kids are doing it!  LOL!!!

I bought Mr. Claus 6"X6" papers.  after cutting and stitching and making my own embellishments for my pages, I realized I wasn't a fan of the color scheme.  I finished 7 pages before deciding to change gears.

I then cut a bunch of red and green 6"X6" squares, stamped them with white ink and some swirly Basic Grey stamps, punched a bunch of snowflakes, and completed 2 pages.

that was when I decided to give up.  day 16 and basically no pages done.

I looked up on my craft credenza (that's such a great word...credenza) and saw a mini album I made when I took Vee's Style Files class awhile ago.  "hey, that gives me and idea..."

are you ready???  photo heavy...

my cousin Ann, pre-Disneyland road trip...she's so accommodating!

cc redemption card.  just know that I spent enough to have $153.00 Disney dollars 
that went towards my park ticket.

park ticket!

traditional Mickey Mouse icon head park bench shots.
done with my new Fuji Instax camera.
notice the different exposures?
sometimes its worth bringing the instructions along.

I gained 3#s, 4?  maybe 5#s while on my little holiday.
I mentioned to my friend Paul that it was the "Magic of Disney".
he responded "is it Magic or Voodoo?"

free Starbucks download!!!
She & Him

I took my very first bar method class.
this pix is of the "pretzel"
we did it. it hurt.
I will not be intimidated by gorgeous 20somethings 
who can bend themselves into pretzels.

note from one of my little girlfriends!

this speaks for itself...
I admit that I have this attitude at work a lot lately.
one of last years lolcats!

faux bokeh, or fauxkeh as I told P!
done with my Canon G11, 
as I gave my DSLR to my DAD!
I took 89 shots to get some good ones!
see this link for a tutorial on bokeh.

on the 11th day, I helped Als decorate her tree!

on day 12, Als and I survived went to the mall.

Santa came to my office! 
shoot, I forgot to give him a piece of my mind for not bringing
what was on my list in 2008!

holiday gargoyle?!  heh! (@ my desk @ work)

department holiday luncheon.  ESTHER was able to come!!!
soooo happy to see her and Carmen!

I took this pix when I was about to give up on my dd.
that's my craft "area"  
my credenza : .) is on the right!

that's it for now.
Jack's on his way, were going to go see Breaking Dawn.
I wonder if I can convince him to let me buy dinner???


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love it!!! It's so funky and artsy! You got a lot done!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeee this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that Starbucks/Grumpy one!! LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Patricia said...

Ack...I was wondering if you had this up! Good Lord, your mojo going! I don't know what the other one looked like, but this is YOU. Love every little thing about it, the funkiness, the colors, the fuji shots, the Disney...and Esther is one of my favorites.

And you have given me another idea for revamping the DD next it over yet...can I stop? Guess I will finish...