Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bebe Hockey

This morning, I was invited to watch Als grandson play roller hockey at Rollin' Ice!

Some of these kids are incredibly coordinated and super fast, 
the others were sooooooo cute in their clumsy-ness!!!  
 They are 7 and 8 after all.

 Low light and glass didn't make for the best pixs, 
but here's my little buddy with the puck!

Daddy, Gpa & Gma, and some other mother.

 Puck drop!!!

I have never seen a kid with such fluffy hair!   His hair was twice the size of his head!

Breakaway!!!  (Unfortunately, that's a kid on the opposing team.)

Chasing the puck!!!

A little business on the glass.  That's my buddy standing there in the background...
waiting for some action!
 Ooph! I think they at least have shin guards & knee and elbow pads! 
Oh, and boy protection, of course!  

; .P

Very exciting!

Buddy's team won 12 - 9!!!

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