Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pull Buoys and Other Swimming Accoutrements

So, Thursday during swim class I TOTALLY lucked out!!! We practiced diving again in the dive well and because of that, we had a lifeguard (Marlon, more on that soon!) help those who don't swim very well or are intimidated by deep water get to the side of the pool after diving. During warm-up I had asked him to watch my stroke and afterwards, he said "lets work on it at the end of class."

I got the "learn how to swim the freestyle stroke in 60 seconds or less" lesson! I used the pull buoy (awkward, "controlled drowning?") and practiced slowing down, pointing my nose to the bottom, breathing every 3rd stroke, and leeennnnggggtttthhhhiiiinnnngggg my stroke until I reduced the number of strokes necessary in a 25 yard length from 26 to 22!!!!!!


Marlon: "You're not breathing as hard as you were."
Phin: "Yeah!"
Marlon: "You're not as tired as you were."
Phin: "Heeeey, yeah!"


Funny side note: We had rookie life guards train with us a couple of weeks ago. In my group was "Marina."
Life guard support for diving. That was "Marlon."
My nickname is "Phin."

Is that synchronicity? I am a Pisces too. All signs point to learning how to swim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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